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How translation works[edit]

All English origin articles have set a language template {{L|Pagename}} in their first line. This template includes a subpage ( Pagename/Lang ) that contains another template called Languages. With this one you can set links to all translations for this page.


  • Room

This is the origin article containing:


  • Room/Lang

Subpage that contains a template with all translation links and the PA-Version:


  • Комнаты

All translated articles must contain the same template as the origin:


The parameter is always the english origin pagename!

Adding translations[edit]

Use the link in the language bar to get to the subpage. Here you can add the language ISO-Code.

New Content[edit]

If you want to add new informations to any translated page, please add them to the English origin page first. And then translate to your language.
Also add the Translation Needed-Template to all other related translations using the right parameters.