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Holding Cell



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The Holding Cell is a prison cell which can hold several prisoners at once.

It often is one of the first rooms built in your prison, as you can save money over individual cells. But because more prisoners live in one room, they may get disturbed by others. This can lead to fights and unhappiness. Because of this disadvantage, Holding Cells are only a temporary solution for your prisoners. Build Cells as fast as possible.

Beds are not a requirement for holding cells. The maximum capacity of your prison as displayed in the Top Info Bar will not increase, nor will the valuation of your prison as shown in the according Report. Apart from that, beds are recommended simply for prisoners without an individual cell to be able to relieve their sleep need.

Prisoners will not dig escape tunnels from a holding cell, and holding cells will not get a cell grading as normal Cells do.

An alternative to the holding cell is the dormitory, which can also house multiple prisoners.