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  • This room must be researched before it can be used.

The infirmary is the room where injured Prisoners, Guards and Staff will be brought for treatment. Also it's the room for idling Doctors. The Medical Bed is needed for the Room to be functional. Infirmary needs to be unlocked by researching health in bureaucracy. Guards will carry prisoners and other guards or staff to the Infirmary to be healed.

The infirmary also is the place where the doctor's Pharmacological Treatment of Drug Addiction program takes place. It requires a medical bed for each addict, 10 of which can participate in one session of 1 hour length.

Sometimes the Doctor will not leave to heal inmates, and will have to be moved manually.

Depending on the percentage of a prisoner's health lost they will do different things:

0 - No effect
10-20 - Does not treat self
30-70 - Heads to infirmary on its own
80-90 - Unconscious, will be escorted to the infirmary by guards
100 - Dead

The Infirmary is a source of Contraband (Needles, poison, medicine, and scissors).


There are some design implementations that can maximise the use of doctors which may be helpful:

  • With the goal of maximising the healing of the sick and injured:
    • Consider keeping infirmaries small and scattered around your prison with one near each cell block.
    • Each bed is a 2 x 2 square - having a 5 x 3 room is ideal for a doctor and 2 beds. A larger room could contain several beds and a few Morgue Slabs for a morgue area.
    • Try and install them in high traffic corridors used by prisoners and staff. Doctors will come outside and heal as they walk past.
  • Start with one or two doctors in an infirmary. However note they are neither assigned nor deployed. They can and will leave that infirmary:
    • Tired Doctors will leave an infirmary to rest in a staff room. Doctors will then return to the closest infirmary and not the one they originally came from. Consider placing staff rooms nearby to avoid long walks to rest and prevent congregation in a single infirmary.
    • Note Doctors will sometimes chase an injured prisoner to heal. They'll return to the closest infirmary and not where they came from.


  • In earlier versions of Prison Architect, the infirmary was named the Medical Ward. In the Health and Well Being grant, it's still called so.