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Cost: $10 [verification needed]
Size: 1x1
Used in:
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For more information, see Food.

Ingredients are essential for your Cooks to be able to serve Food for your Prisoners.

Preparing Food[edit]

When eat time is scheduled in the regime, your cooks will start to prepare the next meal just in time. If there are no ingredients in the Fridge they will head to the Storage room or Deliveries zone to get a new stack of ingredients. If there are ingredients ready for use in the fridge, the cooks will put the ingredients into the Cooker and make the meals. They will get the different types of food, and how much, depending on what you have selected in the Policy menu. From here, you can then set how much and of what variety the prisoners will eat, and thus what ingredients are needed to cook it. This will also affect their happiness and the cost.


Ingredients are stored in three places:


  • Early in the game, choosing lower quality meals will save on ingredients, saving money for new buildings or Research.
  • As the player increases the stock of their Pantry, they can eventually phase out the use of external ingredients altogether. This is more beneficial to Prisoners all around, as prisoners have a chance to receive the "Well Fed" status after receiving with the Foodie reputation will derive Comfort from it.


  • There are four types of ingredients in the game: