Inmate Nutrition Research

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Inmate Nutrition Research


Locked Grant

Advance Payment:


Completion Bonus:


Grant Total:




  • Serve a single low quantity, low variety meal for two days
  • Serve three high variety, high quantity meals for two days

Inmate Nutrition Research is a default Grant available to you, that has Pre-Requisites that need to be completed before you can accept it.

In Game Description[edit]

An independent research group is offering funds in order to participate in a trial on the effects of varying inmate eating habits.

Hints and Tips[edit]

To get the low meal part of the grant you need to have:

  • One meal time in your Regime tab (yes, one for the entire day!)
  • Meal Quantity set to LOW in the Policy tab.
  • Meal Variety set to LOW in the Policy tab.
  • Meal times can MAX be two hours for the timer to start
  • Once all criteria is met, the timer will start. Don't spend two days thinking you'll get it, without the % ticking.

This will result in trouble, so be ready for it! If done early in the prison life, the risk of problems is not as high.

The grant only requires that there is 1 meal time per day and it does stack, what this means is you can run your prison for one day, gaining percentage points in this grant, restore order in your prison and allow your prisoners time to recover by changing your regime. Repeat this once your prison has recovered to complete the grant.

To avoid trouble completely you can cheat by placing your single mealtime at breakfast, then after the meal pause, replace breakfast with freetime or anything at all, then place a lunchtime. After lunchtime remove it and place a dinner time, and so on. So long as there's only ONE meal time in your regime at a time the Percentage Complete indicator for the grant should rise.

To get the high meals part of the grant you need to have:

  • Three meal times in your regime
  • Meal Quantity set to HIGH in the Policy tab.
  • Meal Variety set to HIGH in the Policy tab.