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Intake u1.png Intake
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10/2020 | The Bucket


Control and adjust the daily intake of new prisoners.

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In the Intake Report, you can adjust the daily intake of prisoners, i.e. how many and what kind of incoming prisoners there will be every day at 8 AM.

You can set up the ratio of the different risk categories. The ratio sliders affect which prisoners will be coming next from the pool, but they also affect which categories of prisoners will be added to your pool each day. Any prisoners not accepted will accumulate in a pool and can be brought in at a later date, e.g. using the "All" option.

Intake options[edit | edit source]

You can choose any of the following modes to manage your intake:

  • Closed: No inmates will be brought to your prison.
  • Fill Capacity: Inmates will be brought into your prison when available, until your available capacity is full.
  • Total Prisoners: You set the total number of prisoners desired, and the Intake system works to fill that number.
  • Num Per Day: You choose the number of prisoners to bring in each day, regardless of whether the capacity is reached.
  • All Available: All available prisoners will be brought in every day.

You receive a one-off payment Icon money.png for each incoming inmate depending on his category:

  • $300 for minimum security
  • $500 for medium
  • $1,000 for maximum security
  • $2,500 for death row
  • $3,000 for Criminally Insane
  • $15,000 for Legendary Prisoner.

After this, every prisoner will generate a $100-300 Icon money.png prisoner grants payment every day.

Death Row[edit | edit source]

Death Row intake is much slower than for the other categories, and there won't be Death Row prisoners available every day. Also, you won't be able to accept any Death Row prisoners until your prison has cells designated for them via sectors setting in Deployment view.

Legendary Prisoner![edit | edit source]

Legendary Prisoner! option gives you an ability to receive very dangerous, legendary prisoners. They all have a lot of traits such as deadly, extremely strong, extremely volatile, fearless etc. They may cause a lot of problems in your prison and be very hard to stop! Think twice before accepting any (or at least backup your save file).

Other[edit | edit source]

Note that the intake setting will not be decreased automatically, even if your prison's capacity of prisoners as displayed in the Top Info Bar is reached. You will have to manually stop the intake if you don't want to receive further prisoners. When you start a new sandbox game, intake will be set to "All", meaning that if you don't change the settings, your first prisoners will arrive after 24 hours, even though you might not have built any cells until then.

Bulk Intake[edit | edit source]

If the Events option is activated, there may be bulk intakes at random occasions. A random number of prisoners will then be transferred into your facility within the next hour, in extreme cases all belonging to the same gang.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Before The Bucket version, Legendary Prisoner! intake option was named Prisoner Transfer but has been changed to avoid confusion with Cleared for Transfer DLC and its content.
  • Payment for prisoners from the intake has been re-balanced in The Sneezer update.