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The Jailhouse patch was released on 2023-02-07[1]. The patch was released alongside the Jungle Pack content DLC.

Jungle pack

  • Becoming One With The Jungle- New features and items based around nature and wooden materials, to help support your prison in a greener way.
    • New Trees - Two new trees have been added, one for just aesthetic purposes and the other as a new export variant for logs and wooden planks.
    • Wooden Items - New Variants of existing items made from wooden materials, such as: guard towers, benches, tables, serving tables, drains, and beds.
    • Blending In - A new CCTV camera has been added that has been camouflaged to match its jungle-themed destination. It may be less hidden if placed inside...
  • Fever That Holds You Tight - A terrible affliction has been added with this pack that can cause severe damage to your prisoners, luckily your staff need to have all their vaccinations to be able to work at your prison. So that's nice.
    • Fever Starts - This event can be enabled from the creation menu but within the game it is first brought into your prison by either deliveries or visitors.
    • Fever Spreads - If a prisoner comes into close proximity to an infected item or individual they will have a good chance to gain the affliction.
    • Fever Burns - The fever will have 3 stages with symptoms getting worse as time goes by, if left alone victims will die.
    • Visitor Reception - Using this new room, any civilians who come to your prison can be checked over for both contraband and for their health, anyone showing signs of infection will be sent away.
    • Fire Pits - these lovely big structures not only light up large areas of your prison but they will also keep the "bugs" away from any prisoner within their radius keeping them safer.
    • Netted Beds - to prevent your inmates from becoming afflicted during their sleep, these new beds will give any prisoner who uses them a short immunity due to the high quality of netting used.
    • Treatment Program - To keep your inmates safer for longer, this new medical program will boost your inmates health for a number of days and make it so that they can frolic safely and freely locked behind jail doors and walls...
  • Visuals- Your prison can't only run smoothly and efficiently, it also has to look good too, right?
    • Uniforms - It's that time again, the third uniform pack has arrived! Change up the style of your prisoners and staff once more with this green theme.
    • Flooring - 5 new flooring types have been added, 2 types of stone tiles to decorate the inside of your prison along with 3 more natural looking flooring types to decorate the outside of your prison.
    • Water - Although yes water is also a flooring type, we felt it needed its own section. The new murky water type is available to give your prisoners a more natural but also less clean appeal which we're sure that you will enjoy.
    • Walls & Doors - A new type of jail doors and walls have been added, the rusted kind. This set of fortifications come with multiple flooring types below each of the walls and of course both a standard and a large variant for the doors.
    • Clock Face - If you ever wanted a slightly more retro looking clock face well now you have it.
    • Karr Hide - This well dressed chap is an expert within a jungle environment and will be able to teach your Snipers how to properly use a scope.

Jailhouse (free update)

Update features

  • Capacitor Max Plus - Power Management has always been a challenge, but this new and more powerful (and more expensive!) capacitor may just make it a little easier. This feature is being finalized and will be in the next update.
  • New Sniffer Dog - It would be unfair of us not to share this sunshine boy with you, so please enjoy the wonder that is Toby and all that he stands and rolls over for.
  • Idle Guards - We've made it so that now instead of having large numbers of Guards idling within the delivery area they will now prioritize more important areas of the prison.
  • Deployment Scheduler - The scheduler menu has been given a small makeover to improve the user experience, making it clearer and easier to use.
  • Quick Build Materials - Now when using a quick build, the last material selected will be saved when using that quick build again.
  • Identity Thief - We've re-balanced the Identity Thief reputation so that it can't take over your prison quite so easily.
  • Suppression Effects - Inmates will no longer be turned insane as easily when being handled by guards.

Future Tech pack fixes

  • The Tracking menu should no longer stack now
  • The handgun and stunbaton now correctly render in prisoner hands
  • The new future tech cosmetic uniforms no longer have the wrong alignment for the portable medikit backpacks
  • Electrified fence now treated as both connectable wall and fence to allow correct door placement
  • The advanced search light now shows an error when it is not connected to a CCTV monitor for it to work
  • Tracking menu should now scale properly in higher resolution screens.
  • Fixed so that doctors and guards have the visitor reception as an idle room
  • Fixed so that the robot dog now has a sound when it gets damaged
  • Fixed so the robot dogs now have there alternative sniffing sound
  • Adv Search light cone should now be shown when the searchlight base outside screen limits
  • The router now no longer has a shadow
  • "Big head mode" will now cause tracking belts to overlap prisoner's heads
  • Guards no longer drop keycards with the Future Tech Pack locked
  • The requirements for Future Pack items are now displayed via the Utilities menu
  • Dogs will no longer "grow hands" to open doors with keys or keycards
  • The Tracking menu will now show prisoners with Pack specific ailments

Undead pack fixes

  • Updated Bounty Hunter logic to prevent potential sticking
  • The lock/unlock cctv option is no longer locked behind UndeadPack

Multiplayer fixes

  • Clients are now able to equip prisoners with the tracking belt in multiplayer
  • Clients are now able to see the Electrocution effect for climbing electric fences
  • The range of routers are now visible for clients
  • The revoke belt access UI now syncs correctly for all players
  • The Available guard value is now synced between host and client

Misc fixes

  • Fixed Desk rotation orientations for Quick Build rooms.
  • Planning tool no longer allows Fence Walls to be build indoors
  • Fog of War is no longer toggled on automatically for warden mode
  • Dogs will no longer be left unconscious due to their handlers being injured
  • Fixed issue with policy window not showing some policies when Cleared For Transfer is disabled.
  • Guards no longer layer over each other when too many of them are aboard the ferry at the same time
  • The 'Use Cell Quality Ratings' option should now automatically assign prisoners to cells more efficiently
  • Second Chance DLC signs are now aligned with other signs.
  • Fixed an issue with snipers not applying damage to inmates
  • Fixed so that snipers can now also idle in the staff room
  • Birthday presents are no longer obscured when placed on Bunk beds
  • Gardener jobs will no longer be displayed within construction menus
  • Orderlies will no longer have any issue sedating an insane prisoner
  • The planning tool now preserves objects / paths when foundations are placed
  • The Scanner machine & scanner monitor are now highlighted for the delivery room
  • The single sofa will now satisfy the requirement for staffroom
  • Supplies can no longer be stopped from being unloaded from the first boat for Island plot Disconnected maps.
  • Staff and prisoners no longer have recovery blocked by illnesses when bedridden.

Console specific changes

  • Assign Doctors / Cooks - Both Doctors and Cooks can now be assigned to specific Infirmaries and Kitchens respectively.
  • Bookshelf Literacy - The bookshelf item will now cater to an inmate's literacy need as it does so for PC platforms.
  • End Punishments - Via the prisoner's punishment menu it is now possible to end any punishment that is currently being applied to that inmate.

Misc console fixes

  • The polaroid now shows up for the kitchen snapshot
  • Pest control workers do not infinitely loop.
  • Hides the CCTV view cone when the searchlight is on.
  • Influence system has now been fixed so that it will broadcast to all valid cells
  • Guard towers can't be built on walls
  • Made sure to only set stations as jobs for prisoners when using prison labour
  • Doors are no longer being overwritten by walls, which causes the area to be inaccessible after walls finish built
  • Walls now blocked by all trees correctly. Code matched to Console version