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Other Information:

  • This room must be researched before it can be used.
    (Prison Labour)
  • After researching Prison Labour, prisoners can be assigned to work in this room.
Crumpled and folded prison uniforms

Prisoners have a Clothing Need that reflects how clean their clothes are. The Laundry room plays a key part in keeping this need under control. The Clothing and Comfort needs are the only needs that don't cause anger, and therefore angry prisoners, although they prevent the prisoners from being 'well treated'.

If Escape Plans are enabled in the game options, then prisoners working in the laundry can steal uniforms and craft ropes from them. These ropes then can be used to climb fences and walls, and they will be left behind, so other prisoners can use it to escape as well.

The Laundry Process[edit]

In order to have the Laundry working, you will have to assign jobs to the Laundry in the Prison Labour view of the Logistics menu.

  • First, prisoners working in the Laundry will distribute clean Uniforms around the prison using Laundry Baskets.
  • Prisoners will then change into these if their clothing Need is high.
  • Dirty uniforms are then collected up into the same Laundry Baskets and brought back to the Laundry Room where they are washed in Laundry Machines.
  • The uniforms are then ironed on an Ironing Board.
  • In conclusion the clean uniforms are then delivered back to a Cell.

In the Logistics menu, there is a Laundry Distribution view where you can assign which Laundries will handle which cell blocks and receptions.

Each working prisoner needs 4 tiles of space, and enough washing machines, ironing boards and laundry baskets are needed to handle the process, though. The maximum number of prisoners that can work in a single laundry is 100 (at a room size of 400 squares or more).


There have been some prison designs that appear to help alleviate the laundry issues. These users have reported some tips that might be useful:

  • Inmates who need clothes can be sent to a holding cell with a few beds, if those beds have clothes, and they should change.
    • Reasoning: Clothes are placed on beds, seemingly regardless of whether there is an inmate in the cell.
  • Having a simple laundry room (washer/ironing board/laundry cart) for each cell block can help keep things under control.
  • If jobs cannot be assigned in Logistics menu, try adding a Staff Door to the room.
  • As the uniforms have to be moved through your prison twice during the laundry process, ways between cell blocks and laundries should be efficient.