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Type: Administration
Cost: $5000
Daily Wage: $200
Toughness 5 HP
Other Information:
  • Required: Warden
  • Required Research: Legal
  • Unlocks Research: Small Cells
  • Unlocks Research: Legal Prep
  • Unlocks Research: Death Row
  • Unlocks Research: Permanent Punishment

The Lawyer is an administrator that grants access to a variety of legal loopholes and helps you bend some of the rules for greater control over your prison by performing his research tasks.

The Lawyer gives the ability to create small cells, the option for Permanent Punishments and Death Row, reduces Execution Liability and grants Legal Defense.

He is unlocked by the warden's research and needs his own office.

Though getting the same $200 daily wage as the other administrators, the Lawyer is the most expensive staff member to purchase in Prison Architect.

Prisoner's lawyers[edit]

Prisoner's lawyers are regular visitors helping to relief the prisoner's family need.


  • Before buying the Lawyer, it is recommended to start constructing his room so the new research options can be immediately available.
  • Like all administrative staff, the Lawyer should be reasonably distanced or protected from the general prison population.