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The Materials include walls and flooring. Since version The Slammer, Materials can be accessed from two in-game menus: Flooring and Walls & Doors (Walls tab).

Installation & Removal[edit | edit source]

  • To install walls or floors: Select a wall or floor type from the Materials menu, click and drag over the desired area and a job for your Workmen is created.
  • To remove walls: select the "Demolish Walls" tool in the materials menu and select the walls you want to remove. This will task the Workmen with removing the selected wall or wall section.
  • To remove floors: replace them by another flooring (e.g. by Concrete Floor or Dirt, the default floors indoors and outdoors).
  • To remove everything inside a building: select the "Clean Indoor Area" tool in the materials menu and select the area you want to clear. All indoor walls, objects, floors and room assignments will be removed, with the Foundation and Utilities being kept.
  • To remove entire buildings: select the "Bulldoze" tool in the Foundations menu and select the foundation to be removed. The complete building, with the Foundation, all indoor walls, objects, floors, room assignments, cables and water pipes will be removed, with some rubble and garbage left.

Walls[edit | edit source]

Walls are used to enclose rooms, and to secure the perimeter of your prison. Brick Walls and Concrete Walls differ only in aesthetics, the Fence is built faster and is much cheaper, the Perimeter Wall, while being very expensive, will slow down the digging of Escape Tunnels more.

The Walls from the Materials section are not sufficient to construct buildings. Use Foundations for that (see Walls and foundations for a detailed explanation of the differences).

WALL Cost Construction Time Block Visibility? Other
Art Deco.png Art Deco Wall $100 5.0s CheckYes.png Build Art Deco Walls to create a 1920's architectural look to the prison.
Bamboo fence.png Bamboo $3 5.0s CheckNo.png Bamboo fence, perfect for jungle-themed prisons. Outdoor only.
BarredWall.png Barred Wall $70 5.0s CheckNo.png Build barred wall sections on top of foundations to create new areas or rooms.
BrickWall.png Brick Wall $50? 5.0s CheckYes.png Standard type of wall.
Classy Walls.gif PW DLC.png Classy Walls $50 5.0s CheckYes.png Standard type of wall, just more colorful.
Cliff.png IB DLC.png Cliff Edge $250 25.0s CheckNo.png Cliff Edge is a special type of wall that can be used to create cliffs (impassable steep slopes).
  • DLC Content
  • Can be rotated
ConcreteWall2.png Concrete Wall $50 5.0s CheckYes.png Standard type of wall.
Cushioned Wall.png PW DLC.png Cushioned Wall $110 5.0s CheckYes.png Build wall sections on top of foundations to create new areas or rooms that have a wealthy, leather look to them. Indoor only.
Decayed wall.png Decayed Wall $20 1.0s CheckYes.png Cheap wall made of decayed breeze block. Decreases prison cell's grade!
DemolishWalls.png Demolish Walls $0 (Free) 1.0s Use to remove any type of walls.
Derelict Wall.png Derelict Wall $20 5.0s CheckYes.png Cheap wall that gives your prison buildings an ancient look. Decreases prison cell's grade!
Fence.gif Fence $3 10.0s CheckNo.png Basic fence, comes in two variations - with dirt and grass floor type. Outdoor only.
Hedge.png Hedge $3 10.0s CheckNo.png Tall but weak hedges. More of a nicety than a security option. Outdoor only.
OrientalWall.png Oriental Wall $50 5.0s CheckYes.png Build oriental walls to create areas in the prison with an ancient Japanese feel.
Overgrown Wall.png Overgrown Wall $20 5.0s CheckYes.png Cheap wall covered with moss, ivies and other climbing plants that can be used for jungle-themed prisons. Decreases prison cell's grade!
Perimeter wall a36.png Perimeter Wall $200 25.0s CheckYes.png Water pipes and electrical cables can not be built underneath. Significantly slows down tunnelers. Outdoor only.
Rusty Wall.png Rusty Wall $20 5.0s CheckYes.png Perfect if you want to give your prison a post-apocalyptic look. Decreases prison cell's grade!
Security wall.gif Security Wall $90 5.0s CheckYes.png Colored type of wall that can be built to indicate a certain security sector of the prison. Comes in 5 variants: blue (minimum sec.), orange (medium sec.), dark orange (max sec.), yellow (protective custody sec.) and white (CI sector).
Slum Wall.png Slum Wall $20 5.0s CheckYes.png Cheap wall that only proves you saved money on inmates welfare to expand your office. Decreases prison cell's grade!
TiledWall.png Tiled Wall $90 5.0s CheckYes.png Standard type of wall.
White Wall.png White Wall $50 5.0s CheckYes.png Standard type of wall.
Yutani Wall.png Yutani Wall $100 5.0s CheckYes.png Build walls with a hi-tech look on top of foundations, to create new areas or rooms. Goes great with the Cargo or Solaco floor.

Flooring[edit | edit source]

Flooring can either be used indoors, outdoors, or in the case of Concrete Tiles, both indoor and outdoor.

Flooring has different movement speeds:

  • Slow (Factor < 1.0, mostly 0.7 or 0.5)
  • Normal (Factor 1.0)
  • Fast (Factor > 1.0, mostly 1.2-1.3)

This can be utilised to either reduce walking times within your prison, or to slow down prisoners where appropriate.

Other than the above attributes, floors differ mainly in aesthetics and price, ranging from free (Sand and Dirt, both slow) to $50 per square (Wooden Floor and Ceramic Floor, both normal speed).

FLOOR Cost Walk Speed Outdoor/Indoor Additional Info
BambooFloor.png Bamboo Floor $5 Normal (1.0) Indoor A floor with jungle encampment look.
CargoFloor.gif Cargo Floor $10 Fast (1.3) Indoor
Carpet.gif PW DLC.png Carpet $50 Normal (1.0) Indoor Comes in 3 types: red, blue and brown.
CeramicFloor.png Ceramic Floor $50 Normal (1.0) Indoor
Checkered.png Checkered Floor $10 Fast (1.3) Indoor
ConcreteFloor.png Concrete Floor $10 Fast (1.2) Indoor
ConcreteTilesFloor.png Concrete Tiles $10 Fast (1.3) Outdoor & Indoor
DirtFloor.png Dirt $0 (Free) Slow (0.7) Outdoor
DockFloor.png IB DLC.png Dock Floor $40 Normal (1.0) Outdoor

Wooden floor type made out of planks that are similar to these used on Boat Dock.

  • DLC Content
FancyTiles.png Fancy Tiles $10 Normal (1.0) Indoor
FloweryField.png Flowery Field $15 Normal (1.0) Outdoor A grassy area with nice flowers growing.
GrassFloor.png Grass $5 Slow (0.7) Outdoor
GrassAndStone.png Grass and Stone $15 Normal (1.0) Outdoor
GrassCorner.png Grass Corner $15 Slow (0.7) Outdoor Can be rotated.
Grate.png Grate $30 Normal (1.0) Indoor
GravelFloor.png Gravel $10 Slow (0.7) Outdoor
IronFloor.png Iron Floor $10 Normal (1.0) Indoor
Limestone.png Lime Stone $40 Fast (1.3) Indoor
Long grass.png Long Grass Can't be built Slow (0.7) Outdoor Pre-generated / Automatically generated.
Lunar.png Lunar $30 Normal (1.0) Outdoor Use it to create the first prison on the moon.
MarbleTiles.png Marble Tiles $10 Normal (1.0) Indoor
MetalFloor.png Metal Floor $10 Fast (1.3) Indoor
MosaicFloor.png Mosaic Floor $10 Fast (1.3) Indoor
Mud.png Mud $0 (Free) Slow (0.5) Outdoor Perfect if you want to slow down prisoners (and other entities). Decreases prison yard's grade!
PaddedFloor.png PW DLC.png Padded Floor $40 Slow (0.5) Indoor Caters to the safety need.
PavingStoneFloor.png Paving Stone $10 Fast (1.3) Outdoor
RemoveTunnels.png Remove Tunnels (Tool) $20 None (0) Outdoor & Indoor Tool used to remove tunnels made by prisoners.
RoadFull.png Road $10 Normal (1.0) Outdoor
RoadMarking.gif Road Markings Can't be built Normal (1.0) Outdoor Pre-generated tiles that can be seen on the main road.
RunningTrack.png Running Track $50 Very fast (2.0) Outdoor Perfect for your inmates to jog on. Try it on yard, along the edges.
Sand.png Sand $0 (Free) Slow (0.5) Outdoor
Sandstone.png Sandstone $40 Normal (1.0) Outdoor
Snow.png Snow $5 Slow (0.7) Outdoor Perfect for winter themed prisons.
Solaco.png Solaco $40 Normal (1.0) Indoor
StoneFloor.png Stone $10 Normal (1.0) Outdoor
Water.png Water $10 None (0.0) Outdoor Blocks all the movement, but does NOT prevent digging tunnels under it. Prisoners are unable to swim in water unless IB DLC.png Island Bound DLC is installed.

You can not install any objects on water tiles except few exceptions such as fountains, steeping stones and footbridges. Since The Rock version, it is possible to build utilities (pipes and cables) under the water.

Water is also needed for installing ferry and boat docks for the boats to move on.

Water.png IB DLC.png Shallow Water $10 Slow (0.7) Outdoor Shallow water is exclusive to Island Bound DLC and allows people (prisoners, staff, visitors) to walk on.

Shallow water can be a replacement for normal water.

WhiteTiles.png White Tiles $10 Normal (1.0) Indoor
WoodenFloor.png Wooden Floor $50 Normal (1.0) Indoor

Tips & Other Information[edit | edit source]

  • Currently, prisoners will not attempt to escape by breaking through walls or fences.
  • Your Staff can work more efficiently if directed through routes floored with tiles that have "fast" speed.

Gallery[edit | edit source]