Max-Sec Infrastructure Implementation

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Max-Sec Infrastructure Implementation


Locked Grant

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Max-Sec Infrastructure Implementation is a default Grant available to you, that has Pre-Requisites that need to be completed before you can accept it.

In Game Description[edit]

Maintaining security for a large number of prisoners can be difficult, but the cost of a breach is far greater than the cost of implementing the proper security measures. Install the necessary equipment throughout your prison.

Hints and Tips[edit]

  • Be careful about the prisoners, if you don't want riots- tasers can only do so much against a crowd, and body armor won't help from a mob of angry rioters or an experienced and deadly prisoner from killing them and looting their bodies.
  • Don't place your CCTV Cameras infront of Cells, as this will violate a prisoner's privacy need. Put them in places where it's staff only, and/or packed full of contraband.
  • If Fog of War is off, then don't even try to put them in good spots- just purchase them and place them one after another, and a monitor next to them, then you can trash them- you can't sell them, and they do nothing but make your security room and prison look a tad bit more authentic.