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Objects are items which can be placed physically into the game space.

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List of Objects (see below)

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An object is an item you can place physically into the game space. It can be contrasted with Rooms where you mark out the territory, and Staff such as Guards or Doctors which are placed in a similar manner to objects but are able to move, either controlled by the player or the AI.

When placing an Object, the object can be rotated by pressing the R Key or the Middle Mouse Button.

They are usually placed in rooms - including the outdoor Yard - some objects are required for a zoned room to be operational. E.g. for a Holding Cell to be occupied the player must place a Bench and a Toilet, with other items being optional. In the same example a Bed is not required in a Holding Cell but can be placed and inmates will use it.

Once placed, objects can normally be dismantled by a Workman and moved to storage for placement elsewhere later. An object can only be placed if you have enough money to pay for it, or if you have one in storage.

Objects can also be dumped. When given the order, a Workman will turn the object into a Bag of Garbage and take it to the Garbage zone for a Supply Truck to pickup and take away.

Objects can be damaged by violence from rioting prisoners and by fire. Use sprinklers and firemen to prevent the latter one. Once damaged, objects may be repaired by workmen either by manually advising them to do or automatically, if the current bank balance allows.

Things that cannot be placed by the player, but are purchased automatically or crafted, stolen or smuggled by prisoners, are called items or contraband.


When opening the Objects menu, only the most common objects will be displayed. If you are looking at a room, the objects required or commonly used in that room will be added (if not shown before) and highlighted. This may require moving the mouse cursor around.

The "+" button can be used to show all objects at once. The text search field at the bottom can be used to filter the displayed objects by name, i.e. to show any object you are looking for.