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An office is a room type for any Administrators, such as Accountants and Wardens.

They are also used by Psychologists, who perform the Behavioural Therapy Program with prisoners there. Only one prisoner may be treated per session of 2 hours, and he will require the chair which is a mandatory object anyway.


  • The minimum equipment an office requires is a desk, chair, and a filing cabinet.
  • The room size of an office needs to be at least 4x4.


Offices are a source of Luxurious Contraband items such as cell phones, cigs, and alcohol.


  • There is no benefit regarding size, save your money.
  • An office does not require walls around it, so you may create an open and modern workspace instead of a block of cell-like office cubicles.
  • Once a staff member that requires an office is hired they will be automatically assigned an unoccupied office.
  • If you want a staff member to have a specific office, you should create the office as you add staff members; otherwise they may take up an office you don't intend them to. You will have to un-zone the office to force them to move. This may matter especially for the Psychologist's office, to which prisoners usually should have access in order to be able to participate in the Behavioural Therapy Program.
  • The Psychologist's office should be near the common room, because he needs to regularly travel there for the Alcoholics Group Program.
  • The Foreman's office should be near the workshop, because he needs to regularly travel there for the Workshop Safety Program.
  • Resting aside, the Accountant and Lawyer never have to leave their offices, where as the Warden and the Chief rarely leave their offices for executions. To minimize contraband you can place their offices away from prisoners.
  • Zone Offices "Staff Only" so prisoners will not go in there, but also will not clean the room. You need Janitors for those.
  • Staff does not automatically occupy a non-equipped room.
  • The Chief's office should be near a classroom, because he regularly needs to travel there for Guard Tazer Certification