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Perimeter Wall



Walk Speed:

Not Applicable




Outdoors Only

Other Information:

The primary use of the Perimeter Wall is to significantly slow down prisoners from escaping; however it will not stop them from digging through.

The player must develop a strategy to discover and fill any Escape Tunnels that are found before a prisoner can manage to escape the perimeter of your prison. Employing the use of Shakedowns will work, but it can anger your prisoners, so use it sparingly.

The obvious benefit to a Perimeter Wall is its ability to slow down prisoners from digging tunnels through it. However, there are some cons to the Perimeter Wall:

  • It is the most expensive Material in the game, costing $200 per square, plus the additional concrete for the paving stone that surrounds it, which is $10 per square.
  • The Perimeter Wall takes much longer to construct than any other material.
  • The Perimeter Wall is constructed into the ground, and is higher than normal walls, therefore Utilities cannot be constructed through them and any existing cables or pipes on a square will be removed if a Perimeter Wall gets built over them.

All walls and fences may be destroyed by fire. If the Events option is used in the game, they may also collapse at random occasions.

Tips / Tricks[edit | edit source]

  • When you're about to build a Perimeter Wall, pause the game and lay down the wall. When finished, begin cancelling out the jobs to construct the Paving Stone using right click. Doing this will save you a lot of money by preventing the concrete paving stone from being purchased. Once done, unpause the game.
  • Only build a Perimeter Wall in areas you need most, preferably near Maximum Security cell blocks. However, if you have the funds, then by all means secure the whole prison.
  • It's possible to place an electrical cable under the wall by placing a metal detector directly to the left of the wall, when the metal detector is build, wires are automatically added under the metal detector, and the square right of it (inside the perimeter wall).