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Features[edit | edit source]

The Planning feature is used to plan your upcoming buildings and room layouts without the fear of Workers actually building anything. You can draw in the usual way with the left mouse and clear with the right mouse. Plans are automatically cleared once walls are actually built by workers, or they can be removed by right-clicking in the Planning mode.

Walls[edit | edit source]

Planning GIF-2.gif

Allows you to plan the walls. There are two ways of doing it:

  • by drawing single lines - for designing outer walls and walling off outdoor areas (and indoor too)
  • by drawing squares - which should be used for designing rooms and buildings

Check out the GIF on the lower left for better understanding.

The difference between these two ways is that drawing boxes bigger than 2x2 comes with Foundation inside of the planned box. You can see it on the gif in the second example, that is has a white filling/overlay. That's the foundation.

Door[edit | edit source]

Door planning allows you to select and place any type of door you want to be built. Rotating for doors is supported and can be done by pressing the [ R ] key.

Objects[edit | edit source]

Specifying what kind of object you want to be built is not possible at the moment.

Pathways[edit | edit source]

Just like objects - it's only for better visualization.

Build Plans[edit | edit source]

New Planning.png

This option allows you to build everything you've planned so far. Once you click on Build Plans button, the confirmation box will show up, giving you option to select the type of the Wall for planned walls. Your workers should start construction as soon as OK button is clicked unless they are busy with other tasks or have no materials to work with. Cancel button closes the popup window and does not remove planning so you can continue planning more or re-plan whatever you don't like.

Building process can not be started if you planned more than you can afford.

If you're not happy with your plans and want to start from scratch, you can delete planning by clicking on Clear Plans button.

White walls plan space for 8 small cells.