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Other Information:

This report tab is unlocked by the Warden in the Bureaucracy tree: Prison Policy research.

The Policy Report will allow you to set automatic search and punishment actions when a Prisoner is caught performing specific Misconduct, and to alter the quantity and variety of their meals. This tab is unlocked by the Warden in the Bureaucracy tree.

The sheet has a list of prisoner misconducts, followed by two check boxes to order a search of either the Prisoner, his Cell or both, and an option to change his risk category. This is followed by the Punishment column in which the prisoner may be confined to either his cell or to solitary for any length of time the player desires.

Incidents[edit | edit source]

Punishable misconduct actions:

  • Destruction - Damaging equipment such as doors or beds.
  • Escape Attempt - Making a run for freedom either after having dug an Escape Tunnel, or from simply noticing an open door.
  • Attacked Prisoner - Causing damage of any kind to another prisoner.
  • Attacked Staff - Causing damage of any kind to a member of staff such as a Guard or Cook.
  • Serious Injury - Causing a high amount of damage to any person.
  • Intoxication - prisoner is high or drunk when searched
  • Murder - prisoner killed a fellow inmate or staff

The lowest four items are all instances of contraband items being found in a prisoner's possession.

Note[edit | edit source]

  • Being caught Intoxicated automatically refers the prisoner to the relevant Rehab program, if it exists.

Punishments[edit | edit source]

Currently there are three options for punishment. The prisoner may be sent to lockdown in their own cell, they may be confined to solitary, or no action may be taken. Since it is not currently possible to administer punishments freely, the Policy Report is the most direct way for a player to influence how strict or lenient they wish their prison to be.

The length of time for the punishment may be set by the player in increments of half hours and has no upper limit. However, there is no option for unlimited lockdown here, which is only available when assigning manually in the prisoner's rap-sheet (if researched by the Lawyer).

Besides those direct punishments, it is possible to change the prisoner's security rating upon an incident. The rating can either be increased or decreased based on his current rating (e.g. a min security prisoner would become a med security prisoner, while a med security prisoner would become a max security prisoner for the same deed), or it can be changed to one certain rating per incident (e.g. max security for murder).

Nutritional Policy[edit | edit source]

To change the Quantity and Variety of prisoner meals: use the drop-down menus. The cost per day and prisoner will be displayed.

Parole Policy[edit | edit source]

There is a slider that governs how lenient your parole hearings will be. If prisoners have a re-offending chance less than this value, they will be released at the end of their parole hearing. There will be a bonus payment of $3,000 if the prisoner does not re-offend upon early release, and in the sandbox mode also a Failure Condition if he does, so this value should not be set too high.

Use Cell Quality Ratings[edit | edit source]

If enabled, Prisoners will only be assigned to a cell of a quality they deserve, based on their behaviour. Poorly behaved prisoners will never be assigned to a high quality cell, even if there are no other cells available.

If disabled, prisoners will be assigned to any cell regardless of quality, but prisoners in cells of lower quality than average will be more resentful. Prisoners will still be upgraded to higher quality cells if they behave well.