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  Power Station
Type: Electrical
Cost: $5,000
Size: 3x3
Toughness 50 HP
Other Information:
  • This object provides power to other electrical objects.
See also:
Water Pump Station.png
Water Pump Station
Power Station with cable and capacitors

Electricity is needed for many objects in your prison and is provided by the Power Station. You will also need Capacitors to provide enough energy. The power station shows you the actual workload, if the bar reaches the top, the OCP will shut off the power station. You will need to re-activate the power station to enable power again. Click on Utilities mode, when you wish to edit the power grid. To increase power output you can add capacitors on every adjacent field around the Power Station. It is even possible to add the corners first without connecting them with an Electrical Cable.

It's only needed to place the Electrical Cable in range of 15 tiles to lights. They will be automatically connected to the main cable. The smaller cables added for you can't pass through walls, so you may need to place the cable closer when building Cells. There is no limit to the length that Electrical Cable be powered with a single Power Station. The limitation is purely the load on the Power Station caused by hooking powered objects to the grid.

At some point, your prison may grow beyond the ability of a single power station to provide power. In this case, you cannot add a second power station to the existing grid; you must instead break the grid into two parts and install a second power station. If you connect more than one power station to your electrical grid, it will cause the OCP to trigger, shutting down both stations.

When starting a new sandbox game, your delivery zone will already contain a prepaid Water Pump Station, Power Station and a Capacitor among other items, so no need to hold you back placing them in order to save money.

Power stations produce a lot of heat which may cause the prisoners nearby to overheat (see Temperature).

Electricity usage[edit]

1 bar is equal to one capacitor or a power station without any capacitors.

Low usage (1/50 bar) Moderate usage (1/5 bar) High usage (1/2 bar) Very High usage (1 bar)
Power usage low bar.png Power usage norm bar.png Power usage half bar.png Power usage full bar a36.png

Power Station Fire[edit]

The Power Station will explode and start a massive fire if it encounters water, which may be coming out of Shower Heads, Sprinklers, Firemen's hoses or burst Pipes. If weather is activated, there also may be floods due to torrential rain. Use drains or walls to prevent water flooding the area where your Power Station is located.

If the Events option is used, power stations may also catch fire or even explode at random, without the need of touching water. However, they need to be on a high load for this, they will not catch fire if the capacity is barely used.

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