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Do you have what it takes? Even if you don't, please consider writing an article or two about an item, mechanic or person that hasn't been included in the wiki yet.

It would be much appreciated.

Most of all, have fun! And lock 'em up!

What can I do?[edit]

What shouldn't I do?[edit]

  • Change the color scheme
  • Make big changes to existing templates
  • Add unnecessary articles: think about what the user really needs

Tips for editing[edit]

  • We've added a detailed guideline for contributors. Check it here!
  • Read the Markup Help
  • Use the search before you start a new article; there may be an article about that topic under another name
  • Look at existing articles to get a feeling for the overall design scheme
  • Use existing Templates
  • Before you upload images, check if there is something existing you can use
  • Try to add sources especially when you post known bugs (eg link to a thread at the forums or on mantis)
  • You are not sure if your information is correct? Add the verification needed template next to the information.
  • Use the talk page of the article if you have any doubts! We're a friendly bunch :)