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  Prison Labour


Prison Labour allows you to use your prisoners to work around your prison (cooking, cleaning, and workshop duty) saving you on staff wages, earning you money, and teaching your prisoners new skills at the same time.

Other Information:

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Prisoners will only work when work is scheduled in the Regime, and gang members will not work at all (so do Death Row prisoners, as they don't follow any Regime at all). All working prisoners are paid a fixed wage of 50 cents per hour. They can use their money in Shops, for Contraband Trading or to buy protection from Gangs.

Requirements for Prison Labour[edit]

  • Note that there are certain requirements before you can effectively schedule prisoners to work. You will need to research Maintenance, which unlocks the Foreman, who can research Prison Labour for you.
  • You need to construct a workplace, e.g. a Workshop with all the appropriate requirements before Jobs are able to be assigned. It is an expensive business, but the payoff is well worth it.
  • Prisoners can only work in rooms they can access. E.g. setting a Kitchen to staff-only to prevent non-working prisoners from getting there, while the ones helping there could do so, won't work.
    • It is possible, however, to restrict access to rooms to only certain Security Categories. One could, for example, improvise a system where all inmates that work in Prison Labor are assigned to the same security category and restrict all work rooms to that category only, thus preventing any non-working prisoners from entering.


To make prisoners work, assign them to one of the following rooms using the jobs tab in the Logistics view. During work time (scheduled in Regime) they will make their way to the assigned room and begin the described work. No jobs will be assigned automatically only due to the existence of the rooms.

Cleaning Cupboard
Prisoners will act as Janitors and clean the inside area of your prison using the Bleach found inside the Cleaning Cupboard.
Prisoner will help chefs add ingredients to the stove, and carry the food to Serving Tables, if all the food has been cooked before mealtime. Prisoners must have passed the Kitchen Safety & Hygiene Reform Program to be eligible to work in the kitchen.
Prisoners will collect dirty uniforms, clean them in the Laundry and deliver clean uniforms to all the prisoners which lowers the clothing need.
Prisoners will use the Workshop Saw to cut Sheet Metal into blank license plates. The blank plates are then used in the Workshop Press to create license plates, which are stacked on the floor or any available table space in the room. Workers must pass the Workshop Safety Induction Reform Program, at a minimum, to work in the workshop. Those that also pass the Carpentry Apprenticeship program can use a Carpenter Table to make Superior Beds. Logs from cut down trees (either wild or farmed in a Forestry area) can be turned into wood at a Workshop Saw to supply the workshop's carpenters. Prisoners and/or workmen will carry the finished products to the exports area (depending on the security level of the exports area) where it will be picked up by a truck and sold.
Guards will bring bags of unsorted books to the library. Prisoners will use the Sorting Desk to sort the books and place them on available Library Bookshelfs. Reading the books in the library satisfy prisoner needs. Prisoners must pass the Foundation Education Program to work in the library.
Guards will bring bags of unsorted mail to the Mail Room. Prisoners will sort the mail and deliver it to prisoner cells. Reading mail satisfies a prisoner's family need.
Prisoners may work in the shop, selling goods to other prisoners helping them to relief their needs and spend their hard-earned money.
Prisoners can be employed to work in the Forestry room, where they will plant and cut down Trees and move the logs to either an Exports area or to the Workshop. The logs can be either sold as exports or used by the Workshop to produce Furniture.
Vegetable Allotment and Farming Field
Prisoners can be employed to work in the Vegetable Allotment and Farming Field rooms, where they will plant, grow, tend to and harvest crops of different kinds. The produce can be either sold as exports or stored in a Pantry and used by the Kitchen to prepare meals for the Canteen. Prisoners must pass the Farm Safety Introuction Program to work in either room, unless they have the "Green Thumb" reputation.


All jobs consume, transform or produce items (e.g. Bleach, Uniforms or License Plates). Items cost money if purchased for the job and bring money if sold.

Prison Labour is also a source of Contraband for prisoners, including weapons, tools and other items, which the prisoners can use to attack people and destroy things or to facilitate an escape attempt. Make sure to properly screen and search all inmates who work to avoid issues with contraband.

For an overview over the various items, see the Items list.