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Mobile Phone, Booze, Cigs, Lighter, Fountain Pen and Gold Pocket Watch

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  • DLC Content


Psychiatrist Office is a workplace for Psychiatrist and room where Psychiatric Consultation program takes place. Criminally Insane prisoners require regular one-on-one calming sessions to help reduce their growing feeling of suppression. Lack of psychiatrist help can trigger violent outbreaks and other unique reactions from these prisoners.

Psychiatric Consultation

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Fully upgraded office

Psychiatrist Office, just like Cell and Dorm has a grading system which depends on the objects that you place in it. There's five objects that can be installed to increase psychiatrist office room grade (see the table below).

Each object increases room grade by one and after consultation:

• reduces a CI inmate's suppression and certain needs by +5%
• provides a CI inmate with a grace period of an additional 1 day, before suppression and certain needs begin to rise again.

This means that room with maximum grade (which is 5) can reduce suppression and certain needs by 25% and keep them stable, on the same level (not rising) for 5 days.

All of the objects that can improve cell grading are listed below:

Object Name Cost Toughness Size Visits needed to unlock
Leather Sofa.png Leather Sofa $600 10 HP 2x1 10
Medicine Cabinet.png Medicine Cabinet $400 10 HP 1x1 20
Rorschach Test.png Rorschach Test $100 10 HP 1x1 30
Flip Board.png Flip Board $100 10 HP 1x1 40
Anatomy Model.png Anatomy Model $200 10 HP 1x1 50