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Quickbuild is a menu that allow the player to quickly place and build various pre-fabricated rooms. It also has the clone tool that allows the player to clone and stamp down an already existing area.


The clone tool is useful for creating multiple instances of an already existing room or area. Hold down the right mouse button to select an area to clone. Click the left mouse button to build it. You can also rotate cloned parts with [ R ] key, mirror them with [ F ] and cancel construction of cloned area by right-clicking on it. Check Planning for more information.

In recent versions (at least since The Sneezer), foundations will also be cloned when cloning an indoor area to an outdoor area. Utilities will not be cloned.

Before Version 1.4, cloning had to be researched under maintenance before it could be used.

Since version The Sneezer, the Clone tool have been significantly improved and supports cloning much bigger areas.

Solitary CellEdit

Size: 1x2 (plus walls)

A small solitary cell surrounded by brick walls and having conrete floor. Contains a solitary door and a toilet.

Basic CellEdit

Size: 2x3 (plus walls)

A simple cell with Brick Walls and Concrete Floor. Contains a bed, a toilet, a lamp and a jail door.

Improved CellEdit

Size: 3x4 (plus walls)

A simple cell with Brick Walls and Concrete Floor. Contains a bed, a toilet, a shower, a TV, a lamp and a jail door.

Luxury CellEdit

Size: 5x3 (plus walls)

A large cell with several luxury items. Surrounded by brick walls and have a concrete floor. Contains a bed, a toilet and a jail door, as well as an Office Desk, a Radio a Drain and a Shower Head, a Chair and a TV.

Shared CellEdit

Size 3x4 (plus walls)

A simple Dormitory. Contains two Bunk Beds, a toilet, a light and a jail door.

Holding CellEdit

Size: 11x7

Huge cell with 8 beds, 2 benches and 2 toilets.


Size: 4x4 (plus walls)

A simple office. Contains an Office Desk, a Chair, a Filing Cabinet, a lamp and a Staff Door.


Size: 13x12 (with walls)

Canteen room that comes with two Serving Tables, 4 normal Tables and 8 benches, providing enough of space for 32 prisoners.


Size: 10x8 (with walls)

A small kitchen room that contains 2 cookers, 2 fridges and a sink. Check out the mainKitchen and food articles for information about food production.


Size: 10x7 (with walls)

Medical ward that comes with 4 Morgue Slabs and 4 Medical Beds. Floor is made of White Tiles.

Staff RoomEdit

Size: 8x7 (with walls)

Quick build room where your staff members can take a rest that contains Drink Machine, 4 Double Sofas, 1 single Sofa Chair and a radio.


Size: 11x7 (with walls)

Shower room with 33 Shower Heads.


Size: 12x10 (with walls)

Shop room with 4 Shop Shelves, Shop Front, Table and 2 Drink Machines.


Size: 15x16 (with walls)

Workshop with 3 Workshop Press machines, 3 Workshop Saws, 3 Carpenter Tables and 4 normal Tables.

Class RoomEdit

Size: 9x9 (with walls)

A room with 10 School Desks and one Office Desk.

Common RoomEdit

Size: 14x11

A room with a lot ofchairs (9), some sofas, tv, pool tables and phone booths where prisoners can spend their free time.

Utility RoomEdit

Size: 13x9

Room that contains a Power Generator supplied with 3 Capacitors and Water Pump ready to use. All you have to do is connect them with other objects in your prison that require power and water using Pipes and Cables.

PW DLC.png Padded CellEdit

Size: 4x5 (with walls)

Padded version of normal Cell for Criminally Insane prisoners equipped only with Bed and Toilet.

PW DLC.png Improved Padded CellEdit

Size: 5x6 (with walls)

Better version of normal Padded Cell with Bed, Toilet, Shower and TV.

PW DLC.png Padded Holding CellEdit

Size: 12x7 (with walls)

Padded version of Holding Cell where you can safely keep Criminally Insane inmates, equipped with 2 Benches, 2 Toilets and 8 Beds.

PW DLC.png Padded SolitaryEdit

Size: 3x4 (with walls)

Padded version of Solitary for Criminally Insane prisoners. Contains only a Toilet.

PW DLC.png Psychiatrist OfficeEdit

Size: 6x6 (with walls)

Psychiatrist office equipped with Office Desk, Office Chair, Leather Chair, Double Sofa Chair and Filing Cabinet. Floor is covered with red Carpet.

PW DLC.png ArmouryEdit

Size: 8x8 (with walls)

Fully equpied armoury room with 10 Guard Lockers, 2 Weapon Racks and 4 Small Tables.