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Le régime est l'emploi du temps quotidien que vos prisonniers devront suivre.

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Accessible en cliquant sur l'icône Rapport, l'onglet Régime sera déverrouillé lorsqu'un Directeur sera présent dans la prison.

Ce rapport permet de gérer, pour chaque heure de la journée, les activités de vos détenus. Les différentes catégories de risque présentes dans la prison peuvent bénéficier de leur propre régime.

If the Events option is used in the game, prisoners may demand less work, more sleep or may free time at certain occasions. It's your choice to comply or not, but the prisoners will not be happy if you refuse.


Pour programmer une activité : first select the desired activity from the activity list in the bottom right-hand corner of the page and then select the desired time slot.

Note : Prisoners cannot be forced to do any action, they only get forced to stay in certain rooms during different activities set in regime.


Lors des heures de Cellule, vos prisonniers seront confinés dans leurs cellule. Les prisonniers n'auront pas l'obligation de dormir et pourront utilisé tout les objets à leur disposition afin de satisfaire d'éventuels besoins.


Pendant les heures de Sommeil, les prisonniers seront enfermés dans leur cellule et devront dormir. Un minimum de 5 heures de sommeil par nuit est recommandé. En deçà, les comportement agressifs liés au manque de sommeil apparaîtront.

Remarque : Les détenus ne dormiront pas avant 22h, ni après 8h, quel que soit le régime.


During this time, prisoners are required to head to the canteen (or nursery, for mothers). However, if there is no place to sit, they can take food to the shower or to their cells.

Cooks will only prepare and serve food in the canteen for designated eating times. Schedule enough time between to eat regimes to allow them to do so.


During shower time, all prisoners are required to head to the nearest shower.


Yard time requires all prisoners to go to the yard.

Temps libre[edit]

Free time allows prisoners to spend their time as they choose.

  • Because cooks will not cook unless "Eat" time is scheduled, prisoners cannot eat in the canteen during Free Time. When scheduled directly after Eat time prisoners will finish their food if already eating.
  • Free Time generally helps prevent violence because prisoners are largely spread out during this time.

Travail/Temps libre[edit]

During this time, if Prison Labour is researched in Bureaucracy, prisoners will perform duties, such as cleaning in the Cleaning Cupboard, cooking in the Kitchen (be careful though as prisoners washing the dishes can steal some contraband such as knives), doing laundry in the Laundry room, or making license plates in the Workshop.

Also most programs will have to take place during work time. As they have fixed lengths, be sure to have long enough work schedules to allow them for your prisoners.

Prisoners without assigned work or programs will behave like on "Free Time".


Just like the Work/Freetime regime, except that prisoners who are not working will be locked up.

Activities outside of the regime[edit]

Regardless of the regime, visitation time will always be 8 am to 8 pm. Prisoners receiving visits from their families and lawyers will leave the activities set up by the regime.

Also, injured prisoners will always head to the infirmary as long as they are allowed to leave their cells.

Some programs, namely the Parole Hearings and Death Row Appeals, may be scheduled outside of the work regime. Prisoners that are about to attend these programs will follow this schedule rather than the regime.


  • To plan your regime, first set up a blank schedule, fill in sleeping and eating times as appropriate (cooks will only prepare and serve food in the canteen for designated eating times), then set the rest of the prisoners' day as free time. As you learn more about the scheduling system you can tweak it to your needs.
  • As a general rule of thumb, avoid leaving large amounts of time unscheduled as prisoners will become bored and may start destroying the fixtures in their cells. This time seems to be most effective in one hour blocks between other activities as sort of a "cool down" period.
  • To ensure a quiet sleep time: schedule at least six hours of sleep per night, and try placing troublesome insomniacs into solitary cells.
  • Death Row prisoners do not follow any Regime.
  • Mothers value the needs of their babies higher than following the regime.
  • If Micromanagement is researched from the Bureaucracy tree, you can schedule the assignment of guards and patrols to match your prisoners' activities, e.g. deploy more guards in the canteen during eat regime.
  • The Shop is served by working prisoners and visited by prisoners in their free time. Having all prisoners at "Work/Lockup" regime at the same time will render the shop useless.