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General overview and access to all reports.

Other Information:

  • None provided

The reports screen gives you a general overview of your prison. You can access your reports with the icon in the right bottom corner of the screen. The screen is basically a clipboard with several tabs that contain different information. Click the tabs to navigate.




Shows the total number of your staff and a list of your Workmen, Guards, Administrators and other staff members, including Cooks, Janitors, Doctors and Gardeners.

When you move over a staff member's image you will jump to this person. Click the image to fire the person.



Shows the total number of inmates you currently have and lists all of them, segregates into categories of the security they are currently in. You can see their look, name and current status (if they are injured, overdosed etc.). You can move your cursor over the prisoner to be taken to the place in your prison where selected prisoner is.

If Prisoner transfers option is enabled, you get access to approve prisoners to be transferred to nicer security sector.



Prisoner Transfers allows you to set criteria that inmates must meet in order to be transferred and upgraded into a nicer security sector within your prison, one that may offer more comfort, facilities and other privileges.

Check Prisoner Transfer for more information.



Here, you can adjust the daily intake of prisoners. You can the ratio of the different risk categories and define one of several modes to fill up your prison.



Shows a list of jobs currently in progress or queued by your staff and prisoners. Click on an entry to jump to the destination (e.g. to a cell if a guard will escort a prisoner) of the job. Different staff members are able to perform different kinds of jobs (e.g. for workmen: "Install Light", or for prisoners: "Operate Workshop Press").



Initially locked until a psychologist is hired!

This chart visualizes the needs of your prisoners. There are a number of bars with four significant colors each:

  • red: number of prisoners with critical demand for that need
  • orange: number of prisoners with high demand for that need
  • yellow: number of prisoners with medium demand for that need
  • green: number of prisoners who's demand has been satisfied
  • blue: Number of prisoners satisfying that demand at the moment

Sometimes you will find white spaces along certain needs. This is because some needs do not apply to certain prisoners, e.g. alcohol, drugs, hygiene.



The regime is the time schedule for your prisoners. It's separated in hours and can be filled with following tasks:

  • Lockup: Prisoners will stay in their Cells.
  • Sleep: Prisoners will head to their Cells for sleep.
  • Eat: Prisoners will rush to the Canteen for food.
  • Shower: Prisoners will go to the Showers.
  • Yard: Prisoners will go out to the Yard.
  • Free Time: The prisoners will fulfil any needs they have, wandering freely around the prison.
  • Work/Freetime: Prisoners will work if they have jobs assigned to them, or have Free Time otherwise.
  • Work/Lockup: Prisoners will work if they have jobs assigned to them, or they will be locked up otherwise.

By default there is an hour of Lockup between each task, but it seems that it's not necessary to do that.

Keep in mind that free time has advantages and disadvantages.



Screenshot 83.jpg
Screenshot 82.jpg

This table will allow you to set automatic search and punishment actions when a Prisoner is caught performing specific Misconduct. This tab is unlocked by the Chief in the Bureaucracy tree.

Punishable incidents are:

  • Destruction
  • Escape Attempt
  • Attacked Prisoner
  • Attacked Staff
  • Serious Injury
  • Intoxication
  • Found Weapons
  • Found Tools
  • Found Drugs
  • Found Luxuries

Since version The Bucket, you are able to change privilege policy where you can decide if prisoners from each security level have access to:

You can also adjust and change per security level nutritional and parole cutoff policies.



Grants are government contracts which give you money for several tasks. There are 'instant payments' and 'payments in advance with payment on completion'. Just click one of the grants to activate them. Your new orders will show up on your todo list.

You can also take out loans here.



The Programs tab shows you unlocked, locked or programs in work.

Following positions will be listed, amongst others:

  • Workshop Safety Induction
  • Kitchen Safety and Hygiene
  • Carpentry Apprenticeship
  • Foundation Education Program
  • General Education Qualification
  • Behavioural Therapy


Initially locked until an accountant is hired. The finance tab compares your income and expenses and shows the total income.

Following positions will be listed:

  • Income
    • Federal grant
    • Prisoner grant
    • Days without Incident bonus
    • Exports
    • Shop Revenue
  • Expenses

The federal grant is a fixed sum of $2,000 per day, while the prisoner grant depends on the number of prisoners you have ($150 per day, the intake bonus not included [Bug #9802] ).

The Days without Incident bonus is a payment received depending on the number of prisoners and the number of days without deaths, serious injuries or escapes. With 200 prisoners or more, $1,000 are paied for one day without an incident, $2,000 for two days, up to $10,000 for ten straight days without incident. When having less than 200 prisoners, the payment is reduced proportionately (actually being $5 per prisoner and day, for a maximum of 200 prisoners).

Corporation Taxes will be 30% of your daily profit in the beginning. They can be reduced to 15% or even only 1% with research by the Accountant.



Initially locked until an accountant is hired. This tab shows the prison value calculated with several positions (e.g. value of the building, staff capacity, etc.) and safety and security penalties (for recent deaths and escapes).

You can choose to sell shares in your prison to private investors and venture capitalists. They will pay you 10% of the current prison value, in exchange for 10% ownership of your prison. You can sell up to 50% of your prison this way, and you can buy back at any time, although the price may have gone up.

Players are able to sell their entire prison for the total cash value including penalties, reduced by the shares sold to investor (e.g. if you sold 30% shares, you will only receive 70% of the price when you come to sell the entire prison). This will end the game, but you will be able to start a new prison beginning with the money earned when selling the prison. You can always return to a prison you have previously sold and continue managing it, but you can only sell a prison once (the save file last used to save the prison will be updated when selling it, saving the sale and all other progress made since you last saved).

You cannot trade in shares, or sell your prison, if there have been any deaths or escapes in the past 24 hours. Also, you will have to have at least 20 prisoners and a total value of at least $50,000 to perform any of these actions.