Riot Police

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  Riot Police
Type: Emergency
Cost: $100
Daily Wage: $0
Toughness 60 HP
Other Information:
  • Riot guards can open every door in your prison, except ones you've manually locked shut yourself.
  • Can be recruited by warden for 1500$ a day

Riot police, otherwise known as Riot guards, are heavily armoured guards responsible for controlling and putting a stop to riots.

Use[edit | edit source]

  • Riot guards can be called at any time from the Emergencies menu at a price of $100 per squad. Six riot officers will arrive in an emergency vehicle and will be dropped off around your deliveries area.
  • If you have insufficient funds, guards will not be called out.
  • Riot guards are fully controllable, either individually by clicking an officer, or controlling an entire squad by using the control options on the right side of the screen.
  • Riot police will not navigate automatically - they will intervene with misconduct in their area but they will not head toward a riot zone until you tell them to.
  • Riot guards are heavily armored and can take on multiple prisoners, and prisoners with weapons, with moderate ease. They are not, however, invincible and will take damage.
  • When riot guards are dismissed, they walk off the map. Their truck leaves them as soon as they are dropped off.
  • Max. 3 teams of riot police can be on site at once.

Effect[edit | edit source]

  • Riot guards will increase the danger level of the prison upon arrival. The effect is dependent on the number of guards on site.

Tips and tricks[edit | edit source]

  • When riot guards are dismissed, they will continue to intervene in misconduct that happen in their area. If a riot is particularly bad, it is possible to get more than 18 guards by dismissing squads and requesting new ones. The dismissed squads will keep fighting rebellious prisoners and not leave until the trouble has stopped.
  • If a riot guard is killed, dismissing the squad will allow you to get a new one even though the bodies are not removed.
  • Although generally reserved for riots, riot police can intervene in any misconduct. If short on guards an option is to call a riot police squad and station officers where needed. Riot police can not, however, perform searches or transport prisoners and also increase the anger of prisoners.
  • Pairs quite well with paramedics, you can have two squads of them and a squad of medics and rotate the squads so that one is fighting and one is healing.
  • Riot guards can be recruited by the Player (Warden) as protection for $1500 a day.

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