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  • Cette pièce doit être recherchée avant de pouvoir être utilisée.

The Security Room is the home of your guards.

It is used to house CCTV Monitors, Door Control System and Phone Taps. Although these objects can also be stored in other rooms, the room allows your Guards to activate and monitor CCTV Cameras throughout your prison to mitigate the Fog of War, to open doors with Servo Motors remotely and to eavesdrop your prisoners in order to gather information about them.

It will also be used to question Confidential Informants, who will be escorted into this room by guards then. So they don't need access on their own and the security room may well be a staff-only room. This is important as the Security Room contains contraband and in particular the Jail Keys, which prisoners could use to open any jail door.

Idling guards will wait in security rooms. If Gangs are enabled, the security room will automatically become an area controlled by the "guards gang". Any guards inside the security room will project their power to any neighbouring territory (e.g. a security room with 10 guards inside will project 10 guards onto all yards, common rooms etc. that are connected to it by a door).


  • This room is neither necessary to have a functioning CCTV monitoring or Phone Tap station nor to have a functioning Door Control Station.
  • The room can be used to station idle guards in a prisoner heavy location or cell block.
  • A security room built near cell blocks assures fast response time.
  • CCTV Monitors, Door Control Systems and Phone Tap all will be left unmanned for a while when the assigned guard gets tired. Be sure to have some redundancy here if you want to avoid times with no remote control for your doors, etc. A staff room should not be too far away to keep the interruptions at a reasonable length.
  • There's no need for this room to be indoors (or outdoors) explicitly, you may put it anywhere.
  • Only guards that are not deployed in any room, or for patrol, or needed for tasks like escorting prisoners will operate the surveillance devices.