Scanner Machine

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Scanning Machine.png Scanner Machine
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Date of the last article update. Content based on The Rock
2/2021 | The Rock
Cost: $1,000
Size: 2x4
Toughness 1 HP
Used in:
Other Information:
  • DLC Content

Scanner machine is an object, exclusive to Island Bound DLC (in functionality) that can be installed in a delivery or storage room and be used to scan boxes for all kinds of contraband.

Before this object can be purchased, it must be unlocked by researching surveillance.

To function properly:

The whole process is very simple. Once all of the above conditions are met, workmen will start loading the boxes onto the machine, one by one. Guard operating the monitor should be able to spot all the contraband unless he's tired. That's why it's very important to have him well rested because otherwise the whole process might be pointless. To have him well rested, have a staff room.

Once the contraband is detected, a guard will be notified and sent to search the box.