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Different sectors in the prison can be assigned to different security levels, to prevent certain or all prisoners from going there.

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Sector Grading
View of sectors in the Deployment menu

A Sector is every area of your prison which is fully enclosed by walls and doors but isn't a room. If you have multiple rooms that flow into each other without a door separating them, they will all be considered one sector.

Sectors allow the player to control the housing and flow of Prisoners in their prison by designating different areas for use by different types of prisoners. These designations are color-coded in the Deployment view.

If you assign a certain security level (Min., Med., Max, Protected, SuperMax, Death Row) to a Cell Block, only prisoners of that type will be housed there. Assigning security levels to other rooms (like canteens and workshops) limits which type of prisoner can use it.

All staff and visitors can enter all sectors. Additionally, prisoners escorted by guards (e.g. when they enter the prison) can pass through any area.

List of Sectors[edit | edit source]

Type Display Notes
Shared White

All prisoners and Staff have access to this area. In there, mixed security rating prisoners go around.
This is the default sector designation before having researched Deployment through Bureaucracy.

Min Sec Only Blue

Only minimum security prisoners are allowed to enter or work in this area.

Med Sec Only Orange

Only medium security prisoners are allowed to enter or work in this area.

Max Sec Only Red

Only maximum security prisoners are allowed to enter or work in this area.

Protected Only Yellow

Only Protective Custody prisoners are allowed to enter or work in this area. This designation is only made by the player for each prisoner.
Useful for hiding your snitches, ex law enforcement etc. in a safe zone where they cannot be attacked.

SuperMax Only Dark red

Only Super-Max prisoners (you can assign this class to prisoners from their Bio) are allowed to enter or work in this area.
It can use for segregate violent prisoners in a secure, isolated section.

Death Row Only Black

Only death row prisoners can enter this area and live there.
Prisoners with a death penalty require cells designated as Death Row cells. There won't be any intake of Death Row prisoners if there are no Death Row cells. Note that dormitories cannot be used as death row cells.

Staff Only Purple

Prisoners are not allowed to enter this sector and will attempt to path around it if possible. Staff prefers to pass through this zone if multiple paths are available.
Guards can escort prisoners through these areas and released prisoners are permitted to route through staff-only zones on their way out.

Unlocked Green

All prisoners and staff are allowed to enter or work in this area, and all doors leading to this area will remain locked open unless a Lockdown is called from the Emergency menu.
This can be a good choice for new buildings to let the workmen do their job without waiting for a guard to open doors, or in high traffic areas where access should not be restricted, such as the Canteen or Yard.

No Access Yellow Striped

Any area of your prison which is inaccessible will flash with yellow stripes filling the sector.
Construct a door or destroy a section of wall to make this area accessible again.

Unsecured Flashing Yellow

Any area of your prison that is not separated from the outside world by walls, lockable doors or fences will repeatedly flash yellow and revert back to the assigned zone color.
Prisoners in these sectors will immediately attempt to escape.

Access Only Purple Striped A sector which is marked access only will be not be used as a shortcut to other rooms by staff and prisoners unless absolutely necessary.

In order to be able to be assigned, a sector must be fully enclosed by walls or fences with doors leading to other areas. If an area of your prison is not fully enclosed or lacks a door, it will not count as a separate sector. It can also be used to prevent certain prisoners from doing certain jobs. If the corresponding room for the job has a security level only these prisoners are allowed to work here. For cell block designations, you will only be required to click once in the hallway connecting the cells to assign all cells to a security level.

Already assigned Sectors can change when walls, foundations or doors were built or demolished. So you better check the assignment and maybe reassign after that.

Sector Grading[edit | edit source]

For more information, see Sector grading

All Sectors and are graded on the quality of accessible facilities and inmate privileges as set via Regime or Policy, on a scale from 0 to 250 (shown in Logistics -> Min/Med/Max/SuperMax Sec Grading). In the Cleared for Transfer DLC, prisoners will consider the sector grading during the decision tree for applying to a lower security sector.

Since good behavior is required to meet the criteria for moving to a lower security sector, it is recommended that higher security sectors are built with an increasingly lower grading. Minimum security should have the highest sector grade with each subsequent security sector decreasing progressively with SuperMax having the lowest grading. This doesn't mean needs should be ignored, simply that the quality of the facilities should be lower and inmate privileges more restrictive.

Note that the sector grading of the Protective Custody, Death Row, and Insane (only withPsych Ward: Warden's Edition DLC) sectors has no functional value since these prisoners are not eligible for transfer.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Staff only areas will not be entered by prisoners even if the doors are wooden or locked open, so they are a good way to allow visitors access to areas of your prison. However, prisoners will attempt to escape if the sector leads to the outside.
  • Staff-only rooms will also prevent prisoners from working there. If you want prisoners to work e.g. in the Kitchen, it cannot be a staff-only room, while if you don't want them to do, it probably should be. Also, staff-only rooms can't be cleaned by prisoners, janitors will have to do it.
  • If you want to allow two or more types of prisoners into an area, you can create a custom sector.
  • While Min., Med. and Max. security prisoners as well as Death Row inmates will arrive to your prison automatically if you allow them to, you will have to assign the risk categories Protective Custody and SuperMax manually if you want to use these sectors.
  • Informants sent to protective custody lose their coverage quickly.
  • During riot conditions, some of your most dangerous prisoners may attempt to attack the protective custody wing.