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Objects to manage water and power supply.


List of Utilities (see below)

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Clicking on the name or image of a utility on the right will take you to its article.

There are two Utilities within the game that serve as essentials for the running of any Prison: Water and Electricity. Furthermore, there are some objects that need to or may be wired to other objects, which is also to be done in the Utilities menu.

Eau[edit | edit source]

Pour plus d'informations, voir Station de Pompage.

Les objets tels que Evier, Toilette et Douche nécessitent un accès à l'eau. This is provided by building a Water Pump Station, and laying pipes using the Utilities view. Large Pipes are used to for the main water flow and Small Pipes to connect them to buildings and individual objects. The Water Pump Station must be directly powered by a Power Station for it to be operational.

Electricité[edit | edit source]

For more information, see Power Station.

Electricity is needed for many Objects in your prison and is provided by the Power Station. You will also need Capacitors to provide enough energy. The power station shows you the actual workload, if the bar reaches the top, the OCP will shut off the power station and capacitors. You will need to re-activate the power stations to enable power again. Click on Utilities mode, when you wish to edit the power grid. When you place a second, third of even fourth Power Station the circuits must be separated from each other. Connecting two Power Stations will collapse their entire electricity systems.

Contrôle[edit | edit source]

You can control water and electricity by building a Pipe Valve or Power Switch on top of the line. It is useful for new buildings which aren't in use and don't need electricity or water yet. This can save you some money because Capacitors are expensive.

Objets connectés[edit | edit source]

Also in the Utilities menu, wired objects can be wired. CCTV cameras need to be wired to the CCTV Monitor, Servos for remote doors to the Door Control System or some complex logic involving Door Timers and/or Pressure Pads (possibly connected using Logic Circuits, Logic Bridges and Status Lights), and Phone Booths may be wired to the Phone Tap.

All this has to be done here manually using the "Connect" function. This is because the surveillance and control units have limited capacities, so you may want to decide to connect e.g. all CCTV cameras to all CCTV monitors, or you may want to connect the cameras of one sector to one monitor and so one. In the "Connect" view, click the object you want to wire, then click the object you want to connect it to. Hold down the Shift key to connect the same object to multiple other objects without having to select the originating object over and over again.

Note that the order you click the objects matter. For instance, if you connect a Power Switch to a Status Light, the light will show the status of the switch. But if you connect the light to the switch, turning the light on will also turn on the switch.

By default, only the wires connected to the object you're currently working with will be displayed. Click "Show Wires" to display all wires at once. Click "Tidy Wires" if you want to drag the wires around so they will fit whatever scheme your OCD demands.

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