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This is the place to share your prisons with others. And we'd love to see what you've built in the game!

Note that shared prisons might have been created in older versions and won't use all the features available in the current version of the game.

Some prisons will also have been created using several mods enabled. You will get a warning displayed if your bouquet of mods differs.

Steam Workshop[edit]

The easiest way to share your prisons or to obtain the prisons of others is the Steam Workshop. You can do so from within the game (Main Menu > Extra > Share Your Prison) or directly in Steam using the "Subscribe" button.

Once uploaded, everybody with Steam access can download it in the game's menu, after subscribing it in Steam.

Manual sharing[edit]

Savegame location[edit]

All Prisons are saved in a folder on your computer. You will have to get the prisons you want to share from there, and put the ones from others there, too. To access this folder, bring up the main menu (ESC) and click "Open Save Folder". You'll find your saved prisons in a 'saves' subfolder.

The typical location of your saves will be:

On any Windows installation:

%localappdata%\Introversion\Prison Architect\saves\

On Windows 7 or Vista:

c:\users\your-username\appdata\local\introversion\prison architect\saves\

On Windows XP:

c:\documents and settings\your-username\local settings\application data\introversion\prison architect\saves\

And you can blame Microsoft for that.

On Mac OS X:

/Users/your-username/Library/Application Support/Prison Architect/saves/
**Note that the Library folder is hidden by default on Lion and above. Use the Go->Go To Folder command**

On Linux:

$HOME/.Prison Architect/saves/

Prison Exchange[edit]

Prison Exchange is a website that enables prison architect players to share their prisons, mods and applications for Prison Architect. Created by lukegb. Discuss Prison Exchange here.

Savegame list[edit]

The following list contains user savegames from the early Alpha-Phase. They won't use all the features available in the current version of the game. For seeking current savegame files we recommend using one method of the above.

To download these files, right-click the "Download" links and choose your browser's flavour of 'Save As'.

Author Name Date Link Screenshot Size Prisoners Version Description
Chris Delay Alpha Test 25th Sept 2012 Download Screenshot 2012-10-01 01.png Small 24 Alpha-1 Test upload of a small working prison
Meethique Sandbox Unknown Download Medium 0 Alpha-1 Sandbox Savegame:

Modified savegame or those who don't want to worry about cash or research. You will start with 250k and all research unlocked

Chad Room-Bug 27th Sept 2012 Download Small 32 Alpha-1 Buggy savegame where kitchen and canteen are messed up after loading.

(bug report at the forum)

Askiba Challenge 29th Sept 2012 Download Large 36 Alpha-1 I built a prison that's quickly spiraled out of control. If you can fix this, you're a pro.
Silentfood Newrich 29th Sept 2012 Download Large 0 Alpha-1 Completely blank with $2,995,000 starting money. This is for those who have issues with money funding, or to show creativity in building a prison of liking.
A__Gun Weirdways (Empty) 30th Sept 2012 Download Small 0 Alpha-1 A small complete prison, with capacity for 92 prisoners. Empty.
A__Gun Weirdways (Full) 30th Sept 2012 Download Small 24 Alpha-1 A small complete prison, with capacity for 92 prisoners. With prisoners and a few tweaks.
grimvirus Grimm3 30th Sept 2012 Download Small 46 Alpha-1 Next delivery of prisoners was 60, but when loading, its reduced to 8 again. Bugs: 6 Prisoners stuck on the road, Prisoners stuck in walls, Characters that are injured, but never get moved to the ward, Lots of Sprite problems (cleaners wont help). Very little cash. All Grants completed. But it works and its my first prison that actually works.
A__Gun Tribute to IV 1st Oct 2012 Download Small 0 Alpha-1 A tribute to everyones favourite indie developers ;)
SekiSelu Summer Camp 2 1st Oct 2012 Download Medium 233 Alpha-1 My second attempt at a No-Money-Hack (Workshop or otherwise) prison. Superceded by Camp 3
SekiSelu Summer Camp 3 4th Oct 2012 Download Small 405 Alpha-1 My third attempt at a No-Money-Hack (Workshop, grant mod, or otherwise) prison. IMPORTANT: Each time you load, set the schedules at 8, 11, and 2 to "Nothing". Note that a large number of prisoners are armed (5 guns!), so try to keep everything running smoothly. Or don't.
grimvirus Grimm_021012 2nd Oct 2012 Download Screenshot 2012-10-03 01.png Small 109 Alpha-1 Loads of status-stuck prisoners (all need to pee) but running stable on a small map. No hacks used, only the Grants MOD. Typical NONE-Room bug.
Ronanc The Cube 3rd Oct 2012 Download TheCubeScreen.png Small 56 Alpha-1 Currently housing 56 fairly well behaved inmates. Have edited the save file so no more prisoners will be arriving.
Ayrix Glitch Heaven 5th Oct 2012 Download Large 8 Alpha-1 Pathing problems causing prisoner non delivery (fixes on reload, but you should see one or two respawn in the truck after being dragged to their cells (the fact they've been sitting there nearly a whole day (w/ me having guards) is telling enough.
Mhoram Medium 480 2012-10-07 Download 480-prison-overview.jpg Medium 240/480 Alpha-1 Tried to get as many prison-cells as possible into the compound. Edited Savegames to revive zombie prisoners and add about 1.5 Mill money. Don't know yet, if the yard is large enough to hold the necessary number of pool tables to keep 480 inmates happy. Left some space open in the case that the kitchen needs to be expanded. Otherwise prisoners are happy.
Frasercarter Telegraph Style 11th Oct 2012 Download TelegraphPrison.jpg Large 20/160 Alpha-1 Working, Advised to change PrisonerIntake to false, after 20 Prisoners, as Layout heavily relies on Room Link Designation (Hopefully brought out in next update).
Nosweat Shared 22th Oct 2012 Download Download .zip Shared thumb.jpg Medium 71/71 Alpha-2 A medium prison with capacity of 71. A very well layed out and stable design, with plenty of space to grow and foundations for new areas. Great prison for anyone interested in prisoner interaction or growing from a pre-existing prison.
Das Wuff Blank Slate 30th Oct 2012 Download BlankSlate.png Small 0 Alpha-2 999,999.00 Cash, Constant Intake turned off. A small, empty plot of land for you to build upon. Edges of the map are replaced with road tiles, and separated even further from the edge of the map with concrete tiles. You can still build over the tiles, but it isn't recommended due to the occasional rubble or door getting trapped at the edge of the map. The main road has been shrunk down to one lane, since the right lane isn't utilized, leaving plenty of room to the right of the map for offices and utilities.
dillanl Fifth Holy Prison template 30th Oct 2012 Download Fifth Holy Prison template.png Small 0/182 Alpha-2 Small map, no continuous intake, complete staff (will have to hire more cooks as prisoners come in), all research (except ReducePenelty5). Can hold 182 prisoners, all in individual cells (including 10 solitary cells and 2 holding cells). I was trying to make a nice looking prison instead of the same old boring square layout. You just have to designate the cells and wait for your prisoners to arrive. Enjoy!