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A Shower is a room where your prisoners wash to satisfy their Need for cleanliness.


  • Don't set the shower heads next to each other. Prisoners don't like to shower too close to each other.[verification needed]
  • Drains should be placed right before the exit to avoid water flowing out of the room.
  • At shower time, prisoners will head to the closest shower room available. If you want them to go to one next to their cell block, schedule a Lockup just before Shower regime.
  • The description in the game says that the shower is used to "keep your prisoners squeaky clean, and lice free". However, there won't be any lice in your prison, regardless how dirty your inmates are.
  • There's no need for this room to be indoors (or outdoors) explicitly, you may put it anywhere. Then again, except for the shower regime, there's no need to have a shower room at all, as you can place shower heads anywhere else.
  • In the common scenario where you put a shower regime immediately after a sleep regime, best also place toilets in your shower, as the prisoners' bowels and bladder needs will be particularly high after sleeping.