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Shower Head





Toughness (HP):


Used in:

Other Information:

  • Requires Water to operate.

The key element of any Shower that your prisoners can use to take a shower. Requires either a warmwater connection to a Water Boiler, or a coldwater connection to a Water Pump Station to function. If they're supplied with cold water, they will give any prisoners that use them a frigid status effect, but will also spike their warmth and comfort needs.

Prisoners prefer that shower heads are not be placed immediately adjacent to one another.


  • The Shower Head will create water when used by a Prisoner. Add Drains to block water from spreading too far. A Drain on the same tile as the Shower Head does not block the water.
  • The Shower Head can be placed anywhere without the need of a Concrete or Brick Wall supporting it.
  • Shower heads can be placed everywhere, not in showers only, a personal shower in a cell, dormitory or holding cell is possible or also in the canteen.
  • Placing a shower head inside a cell or dormitory will increase its grading by one point.