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Date of the last article update. Content based on The Sneezer
3/2020 | The Sneezer
Type: Staff
Cost: $2000
Daily Wage: $500
Toughness 20 HP
Other Information:


Snipers use their sniper rifle to fire at misbehaving prisoners within their line of sight. They will fire warning shots before shooting at prisoners directly, giving them a chance to surrender. They will not fire warning shots if a prisoner is escaping and is already outside the outer walls. When aiming their rifles, a red laser sight can be seen.

Hints and Tips[edit]

  • Snipers require a guard tower to work, unless when hit or when recruited by the Warden.
  • They'll cause a suppression effect to nearby prisoners, similar to armed guards.
  • If there are no armouries in the prison, they will not carry any rifles. Instead, they will simply go to a sniper tower and watch over your prisoners. They can't shoot, but they will still cause suppression to nearby prisoners.
  • Snipers will not carry jail keys. This means they require guards to open jail doors for them.


Snipers can't be assigned to patrol on Guard Pavilions.