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Update History: Update history.
In [[Alpha 15]], the contraband window now indicates the danger of areas where contraband can be stolen from. There is also an option to show where all contraband has been found within the last 24 hours, 7 days, or all time. Additionally, the pop-up notifications are now color coded to indicate the type of contraband that is found: Weapons are red, Tools are blue, Narcotics are green, and Luxuries are black.
In [[Alpha 21]], narcotics were now used by prisoners for recreational purposes. Addiction and overdoses were now possible, and could only be treated by sending the addicted prisoners to reform programs, or through extensive stays in [[Solitary]] confinement. A new pop-up notification colored in green will now alert the player of a prisoner overdosing. Players who do not react quickly enough will result in the death of the prisoner.
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