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{{Room infobox
* Indoors
* [[Cooker]]
* [[Bin]]
* [[Staff Door]]
|occupiedusedby=* [[Cook]]s
* [[Prisoner]]s
|purposecontraband=Meals will be prepared here by * [[Contraband#Weapons|Knife]]* [[Contraband#Weapons|Fork]]* [[Contraband#Tools|Spoon]]|other=* After researching [[CookBureaucracy#Maintenance Sub-tree|cooksPrison Labour]], prisoners can be assigned to work in this room.
 A room for preparing food to be eaten at the [[Canteen|canteen]]. Kitchens are staffed by [[Cook|cooks]]s and [[Prisoner]]s.The greater your inmate population, the more [[fridge|fridgesFridge]]s, [[cooker|cookersCooker]] s and [[cooks|cooksCooks]] s you will require to keep up with demand.
== Tips ==
* The kitchen Kitchen should be near the canteen and deliveries zone to avoid long walks.
* Keep your kitchen secure, as inmates will try to fetch [[Contraband#Weapons|Knives]] from it.
* As of In [[Alpha 9]], Players players can assign inmates to do "Jobs" in kitchens kitchen (1/12m², max. 20), as well as other areas of the prison.* It is prudent to designate the kitchen a staff only area, if you have unlocked "[[Deployment]]" via Bureaucracy. This will prevent theft of tools/contraband, the potential escape of prisoners assigned to work there and also will prevent an optional route around any [[Metal Detector]]s you have installed at the canteen. However, keep in mind that prisoners cannot work at a kitchen marked as staff only.* As of In [[Alpha 14]], deliveries can be moved inside the prison and secured. So having prisoner jobs in the kitchen is no big risk anymore.*Recommended ratio for cooks, cookers, and fridges is 1 to 1 to 1. Each cooker cooks a maximum of 20 ingredients. Each Fridge holds a maximum of 20 ingredients.*Placing a bin in the kitchen will reduce time spent walking to garbage area to dispose of food. Workman will carry garbage bags from the bins to the garbage area.*As of In [[Alpha 18]] , prisoners must complete the [[Programs|Kitchen Safety and Hygiene Program]] before they may can work in the Kitchen. 
== See also ==
* [[Canteen]]

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