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Update History: Grammar.
In [[Alpha 23]], all forms of contraband can now be tossed over the [[Perimeter Wall]]s / [[Fence]] of any prison. In order for this to happen, a prisoner must meet with their family during [[Visitation]] hours, or the prisoner can call them on a [[Phone]]. Once done, the prisoner will approach the perimeter and pickup the tossed piece of contraband. However, the contraband can only be tossed up to a maximum of 10 blocks, and the prisoner will abort the operation if there is a [[Guard]], [[Armed Guard]], or [[Dog Handler]] present at the pickup location. Additionally, contraband will now arrive in the supplies delivered to the prison via [[Supply Truck]].
In [[Alpha 28]], the overlay is was renamed to "Intelligence " and the contraband "supply & demand" can now can be see inseen. The informants list interface was tweaked to be less cumbersome.

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