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'''Sectors''', or a single Sector, is the title given to certain designated areas of the map. Every area of your prison which is fully enclosed by walls and doors are considered their own sector. By setting the security rating of a sector, the player may control the housing and flow of Prisoners in their prison.
Each sector is color coordinated. Sectors are broken up inside of a building separated by wall and doors - if you have multiple rooms that flow into each other without a door, they will all be considered one sector. If you assign certain security level(Min., Med., Max, Protected, SuperMax) to [[cell#Cell Block|Cell Block]], only that level prisoners housed there. And to other room (like canteen, workshop), it limits which level prisoner use or work at.In any cases, staffs can enter all zone whenever they need. All Visitor neglects sector. And prisoner with guard(ex. when they enter the prison) can pass though any area.
== List of Sectors ==

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