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Electrical Cable

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[[File:Utility Power Chain.png|thumb|right|An example of electrical cable in use.|An example of electrical cable in use.]]
Used to transfer electricity provided by [[Power Station]]s around the prison. Only needs  Following [[Objects]] have to be placed in range of 15 tiles near lights, they will range inside a building to be automatically connected to the power grid:* [[CCTV]]* Door [[Servo]]* [[Light]]* [[Radio]]* [[TV]]  Following [[Objects]] (and increasingly more) have to be connected directly to the power cable.:* [[CCTV Control]]* [[Cooker]]* [[Door Control System]]* [[Door Timer]]* [[Electric Chair]]* [[Fridge]]* [[Metal Detector]]* [[Phone Tap]]* [[Laundry Machine]]* [[Workshop Press]]* [[Workshop Saw]]
Several [[Objects]] have to be connected directly to the power cable.
Items that need power will only connect using the small cables if they are inside. Outdoors, every item (except [[Light|Lights]]) that needs power will need a direct connection. If such an item fills multiple squares, such as the [[Servo|Door Servo]], the [[Electrical Cable]] must be built on the square with the flashing power symbol. This is usually apparent for [[Road Gate|Road Gates]] and [[CCTV]] cameras in a [[Yard]].

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