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Game Updates

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Alpha Builds: Added Alpha 35.
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| [[Alpha 35]]
| 30. Jul. 2015
| Bored of a lifestyle of plentiful holidays and late night boozing sessions with Mark, Chris has decided to put everyone under pressure and commit to a launch in October of this year.
There is still much work to be done and we need your opinion on Alpha 35 which launches today and includes a massive update to the gangs system. Prisoners can now trade contraband in the prison for cash and with cash come protection rackets. Gang leaders will actively instruct soldiers and lieutenants to acquire territory in order to extort dollars from the non-affiliated prisoners who want to use the facilities.
* ''[[Alpha 35|See full changelog here]]''
''New Feature Additions:''
* Legendary Prisoner
* Revamped Gang System
* Gang Territories
* Contraband Trading
''Bug Fixes:''
* Fixed Shop bug
'' ([[Alpha 35#Bug Fixes|Details Here]])''

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