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* [[Gardener]]s
* [[Contraband#Tools|Saw]]* [[Contraband#Uncategorized|Axe]]* [[Contraband#Tools|Spade]]
* This room must be [[Bureaucracy|researched]] before it can be used. <br> ''(Grounds Keeping)''
|contentBasedOnVersion = The Sneezer
The Forestry zone was introduced in the [[Alpha 17]] update as an addition to the wood industry system that was introduced in [[Alpha 16]].
It The Forestry zone serves as an automatic way of farming trees [[tree]]s as another form of profit for prisons. The forestry zone requires [[Bureaucracy#Grounds Keeping|Grounds Keeping]] to be researched.
Gardeners will plant the trees, workmen will harvest them to produce 3 [[Log]]swhich can be sold or, if your prison is equipped with a functioning [[Workshop]], then your prisoners can cut down the logs into [[wood]], which can sell for more money or again be crafted to [[Superior Bed]]s, which can be sold for even more money.
== Tips ==
* Trees will be automatically boughtas soon as the forestry is placed, and replacement trees will be bought continuously from then on. One tree is planted about every 12 squares, each costs $100 , so depending on the size of the forestry you may want to hold off until you have sufficient capital.* A reasonable place to assign a Forestry is the area between the inner and the outer fence of your prison, if it has such. == Gallery ==<gallery>Forestry.png|Forestry</gallery>
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