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Weapons: Not only "as of now", why should there ever be a weapon weaker than your fists (or why should anybody ever use it)?
:''For more information on Attack Power, see [[Toughness]].''
Weapons are the most dangerous forms of contraband your prison can hold. Weapons are mainly used when prisoners fear for their lives and defend themselves against other prisoners. However, weapons can also be used against staff members for rioting prisoners trying to escape. Most weapons are made out of metal and therefore easy to detect by a metal detector. Keep in mind that prisoners can still put up a fight with their fists if they have nothing else to defend themselves with. Fists are categorized as weapons and have an attack power of 0.75 HP, and a recharge time of 1.5 mins. As of now, it is They are the weakest weapon in the game, so try to keep prisoners happy and the demand for stronger weapons won't be so high.
[[Guard Dog]]s also have the ability to bite any prisoner who started a fight or attempted to escape. Dog bites have an attack power of 0.75 HP, and a recharge time of 1 min.

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