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Version 2.3 removed the cap of 20 prisoners working in a single large room at a time. The new cap is 100.
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* [[Prisoner]]s
* [[Contraband#Weapons|Knife]]* [[Contraband#Weapons|Fork]]* [[Contraband#Tools|Spoon]]
* After researching [[Bureaucracy#Maintenance Sub-tree|Prison Labour]], prisoners can be assigned to work in this room.
A room for preparing food to be eaten at the [[Canteen]] or the [[Nursery]]. Kitchens are staffed by [[Cook]]s and [[Prisoner]]s. The greater your inmate population, the more [[Fridge]]s, [[Cooker]]s and [[Cook]]s you will require to keep up with demand.
Note: the constant flow of incoming stacks of ingredients to your kitchen makes it a common place for [[contraband]]. Having [[Patrol|dog patrols]] in your kitchen will help in catching the contraband before it makes it into prisoner hands.
Kitchens are not used to cook staff meals. Those are delivered from outside the prison. However, it's the cooks' job as well to distribute them to the staff rooms and staff canteens.
== Prison Labour ==
For prisoners to be allowed to work in the kitchen, they have to pass the [[Programs|Kitchen Safety and Hygiene Program]], which also takes place in the kitchen and requires one cooker per prisoner, up to 5 of them being able to attend at once. A session takes 2 hours and is led by a cook. Afterwards, up to 20 100 qualified prisoners may work in the kitchen during work [[regime]], each taking up 12 squares of space (so a kitchen of 240 1200 squares will provide jobs for the maximum amount of prisoners), if assigned in the [[Prison Labour]] view of the [[Logistics]] menu.
== Food Distribution ==
In the Food Distribution view of the [[Logistics]] menu, you can assign which kitchens should serve which canteensand nurseries, and which canteens should serve which sell blocks.
However, there's no distribution system sending the right amount of [[Ingredient]]s for each canteen from [[delivery]] or [[Storage]] Room. Cooks (and prisoner's, if they are allowed to enter those rooms) go there when needed, and "first come, first served". So one big kitchen serving multiple canteens might work better than using multiple kitchens.
== Kitchen Fire ==
If the [[Events]] option is used, [[cooker]]s in the kitchen may catch [[fire]] at random. This can cause havoc with your mealtime arrangements. We recommend you build [[sprinkler]] systems in key areas to mitigate this.
== Tips ==
* The Kitchen should be near the canteen and deliveries zone or storage room to avoid long walks.
* Keep your kitchen secure, as inmates will try to fetch [[Contraband#Weapons|Knives]] from it. As the kitchen is a source of [[weapons]], any fight starting there could quickly become very bloody. You may want to restrict which prisoners are able to go (and work) there.
* It is prudent to designate the kitchen a staff only area, if you have unlocked [[Deployment]] via Bureaucracy. This will prevent theft of tools/contraband, the potential escape of prisoners assigned to work there and also will prevent an optional route around any [[Metal Detector]]s you have installed at the canteen. However, keep in mind that prisoners cannot work at a kitchen marked as staff only.
* Prisoners working in the kitchen will also take ingredients from [[delivery]] zones and [[storage]] rooms to the kitchen, unless they are flagged as staff-only. If you want them to do, make sure to have them secure and inside your prison.
* This highly depends on the [[regime]] and meal quality/quantity: Recommended ratio for cooks, cookers, and fridges is 1 to 1 to 1. Each cooker cooks a maximum of 20 ingredients. Each Fridge holds a maximum of 20 40 ingredients.
* Placing a [[bin]] in the kitchen will reduce time spent walking to garbage area to dispose of food. [[Workmen]] will carry [[garbage]] bags from the bins to the [[garbage]] area.
* In [[Alpha 28]], if you dismantle Fridges containing ingredients, the ingredients won't be used anymore and no more will be delivered until you dump them. {{vn}}
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