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== Trivia ==
* There's several contraband items that are not in the game, but are in the sprite bank. These items may have been removed for any reason or had been intended for future implementation: Cue ball, Shovel (Two handed), Fire extinguisher, Sledgehammer, Microphone, Uzi, Golf bag, AK-47, Riot shield, Cup, Cleaning belt, Welding mask, Megaphone, Another sledgehammer, Pneumatic drill, Pool cue.
== Update History ==
* In [[Alpha 12]], a new contraband overlay was introduced that allowed players to see contraband that was discovered by a guard, and where that contraband came from. It will also tell players the prisoner that was caught carrying said contraband. The overlay, seen in the image on the right, continues to serve as a useful tool that allows players to better control contraband, and to better determine the risk level of prisoners who continue to steal contraband.
* In [[Alpha 14]], [[Guard Dog]]s were introduced to the game
* In [[Alpha 15]], the contraband window now indicates the danger of areas where contraband can be stolen from. There is also an option to show where all contraband has been found within the last 24 hours, 7 days, or all time. Additionally, the pop-up notifications are now color coded to indicate the type of contraband that is found: Weapons are red, Tools are blue, Narcotics are green, and Luxuries are black.
* In [[Alpha 21]], narcotics were now used by prisoners for recreational purposes. Addiction and [[overdose]]s were now possible, and could only be treated by sending the addicted prisoners to reform programs, or through extensive stays in [[Solitary]] confinement. A new pop-up notification colored in green will now alert the player of a prisoner overdosing. Players who do not react quickly enough will result in the death of the prisoner.
* Narcotics were known for breaking functional prisons when [[Alpha 21]] was introduced, and addiction took hold of prisons made in previous alphas.
* In [[Alpha 23]], all forms of contraband can now be tossed over the [[Perimeter Wall]]s / [[Fence]] of any prison. In order for this to happen, a prisoner must meet with their family during [[Visitation]] hours, or the prisoner can call them on a [[Phone]]. Once done, the prisoner will approach the perimeter and pickup the tossed piece of contraband. However, the contraband can only be tossed up to a maximum of 10 blocks, and the prisoner will abort the operation if there is a [[Guard]], [[Armed Guard]], or [[Dog Handler]] present at the pickup location. Additionally, contraband will now arrive in the supplies delivered to the prison via [[Supply Truck]].
* In [[Alpha 24]], contraband thrown over walls is now less likely but the minimum distance between throws was increased from 10 to 15.
* In [[Alpha 28]], the overlay was renamed to "Intelligence" and the contraband "supply & demand" can now be seen. The informants list interface was tweaked to be less cumbersome.
* In [[Alpha 35]], Contraband Trading was introduced.

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