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Condition: Extended
In the game, prisoners may have different status effects at different times:
* Angry: Having being denied [[parole]], more likely to start trouble* Bleeding: Wounded in an [[Events#Workshop Accident|accident]], will continuously lose health* Calming: Surrounded by a peaceful aura after visiting the Spiritual Guidance [[Programs|program]], also affecting other prisoners around
* Drunk: Prisoner consumed [[booze]] (may lead to an [[Needs#Addictions|addiction]])
* High: Prisoner consumed [[drugs]] (may lead to an [[Needs#Addictions|addiction]] or an [[overdose]])
* [[Overdose]]d: Took too many [[drugs]], must be treated by a [[doctor]] immediately* [[Events#Virus|Sick]]: Infected by a [[Events#Virus|virus]], might pass it to other prisoners; the virus might be deadly in extreme cases.* [[Suppression|Suppressed]]: Suppressed prisoners are really unhappy (e.g. resulting in lower concentration during [[programs]]), but also less likely to misbehave.* Surrendered: Capitulated when being confronted with deadly forceby [[Armed Guard]]s* Tazed: A guard shot him with a [[tazer]], rendering him unable to move(though not injuring him)* Well Fed: All needs are fulfilled, especially the [[food]] need, but also including the ones not making prisoners angry otherwise. These prisoners are less likely to misbehave, and being well-fed contributes to the "Reform" grading.
* Withdrawal

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