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Traits: Extended by what is known
Every Prisoner has a list of hidden attributes assigned to them which the player may never clearly see; however, these traits will control whether the prisoner commits certain actions and how often they commit those actions. An example is [[Escape Tunnel]]s being only dug by Prisoners possessing the "Clever" trait.
As the crimes the prisoners have committed are also affected by their traits, the convictions in their biography give an indication about possible traits.
A list of traits:
 * Violent: More likely to fight others
* Fraud
* Risks Life
* Destructive: More likely to destroy objects in your prison during riots* Theft: More likely to steal [[contraband]]* Narcotics: Likely to have the Drugs or Alcohol needs, possible [[Needs#Addictions|addicts]]* Lethal: More likely to kill others (e.g. snitches) intentionally
* Sexual
* Controlling
* Vehicular
* Clever: Likely to have the Literacy [[need]], able to dig [[Escape Tunnel|tunnels]]
* Petty

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