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A Prison is the aim of the game and where the premise of ''Prison Architect'' is set. Your goal is to create and manage your own prison system in the way you want it. Using the facilities provided to you the only restriction is your mind.
Build a sprawling mini-retreat for minimum security prisoners with lush cells, TVs and forests or the bare bones legal minimum with a bed, toilet and nothing but your own company. The player Player is not restricted and can also purchase additional land sets through game unlocks to increase their land size.
You In [[Sandbox Mode]], the Player will currently only start with a [[Garbage]] zone, a [[Delivery]] zone, 8 [[Workmen]], and a [[truck]] full of supplies. Other than these items, no further direction is given to the game (in Player, besides accepting [[Sandbox ModeGrants]]. In [[Campaign]] at least) , most Chapters start the Player off with a pre-built prison, complete with a plot of land (size customisable upon creating few functioning facilitates. However, the Player may be tasked with constructing a new Prison)part of the prison, which is up to them to design, although they can follow a pre-defined plan to build the construct. In [[DeliveriesEscape Mode]], prisons are run entirely by themselves. Any killed [[staff]] zoneare replaced automatically, [[Emergency]] units are only deployed when their aid is needed, a [[GarbageFreefire]] area becomes active after staff are continuously murdered, and 8 edits that fundamentally change the prison are not made, e.g. [[workman|workmenRegime]]reschedule or new buildings.
== Components ==
== Game World Attributes ==
=== Country Neutral ===
The developers of Prison Architect persist on the fact that the prison you are building is not located in any specific country. It does therefore not regard any specific laws and jurisdiction, nor is the currency used (though called $) of any specific value. Despite this, numerous details support that all built prisons are in the U.S., such as the $ money icon and the appearance of the [[Soldier|National Guard]].
=== Decay ===
=== Time ===
Game time is displayed in the upper right corner of the screen and affects all parts of the game - at night it's dark and prisoners are sleeping, at 8 . am the visitors arrive, at 1 . pm you may schedule lunch, and whoever you will have put in six hours of solitary confinement then will be released from it at 7 . pm.24 hours make marks a day, as displayed in the day counter in the upper info bar of the screen, and so far, everything seems to be pretty straightforward. However, an inmate sentenced to one year [[Inmate]] sentences do not match with the in -game time, so a prisoner may leave the prison will be released after five days at the latest, as one game year consists without your prior knowledge of five game days onlytheir release.Must In-game time can be that strange perception of time sped up in large or small increments by using the buttons below the upper right menu. You can also pause the game, to allow you are developing when locked behind bars to plan or order for too long..future constructs or additions.
== Tips ==
* If you need more time to build before your first prisoners arrive, intake can be turned off in the "Prisoners" tab of the reports menu.
* Every prison needs a [[Warden]] - he they should be one of your first hires. Build him them a nice office and he'll they’ll open up a whole range of advanced facilities via the bureaucracy system.
* When designing your prison, consider the natural flow, you want to keep prisoners far away from the front exits. Fences are inexpensive, be sure to use them!
* Individual jail cells are expensive, especially early on when funds are very tight. Save money by starting with [[Dormitory|dormitories]] or a large Holding Cell instead, which can be shared between many prisoners at once.
* Prisoners will start to dig their way out. Try keeping your cell blocks away from your outer perimeter.
* Prisoners will utilize contraband to ignite fires. It may be worthwhile to install sprinklers to avoid costly repairs from a [[Fire]].
== Gallery ==
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