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| Prison Architect is the fifth original game from Introversion Software.
This Lo scopo di questa Wiki is intended to use as the primary source for help with the game and it is open to changes from anyone with an accountè quello di aiutare i giocatori nel Gameplay ed è aperto alle modifiche, registrandovi. Please feel free to contribute to this wiki if you wish. Consult the Puoi dare il tuo contributo gratuitamente se vuoi sapere come consulta [[Prison Architect Wiki:Community portal|Community Portal]] and the e [[Help:Article Guideline|Guideline]] for information on how you can.
'''We're keen to encourage new people to join the game, so please feel free to talk about it, upload YouTube play-throughs, tweet bug reports etc. Basically do whatever you like, but please DO NOT distribute the actual build. We can't monitor all builds published over the Internet so we put our trust in your honesty and integrity.'''
| style="padding:0.5em;" valign="top" | [[File:PAlogo_Reduced.png|400px|link=]]
<center>'''Build and Manage a Maximum Security Prison!Costruisci e gestisci un Carcere di Massima Sicurezza'''</center>
|}<noinclude>[[Category: Prison Architect Wiki]]</noinclude>