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Version 1.2: Female prisoners (information about strength/toughness from the release video)
{{Infobox Gameplay
[[File:Prisoner tooltip a36.png|thumb|A prisoner's tooltip telling his name and age, assigned [[Cell grading|cell quality]], [[Prison Labour|cash]], activity, needs and status effects]]
The lifeblood of your prison, prisoners are the criminals and scumbags you are tasked with containing and maintaining. Each prisoner has the same basic [[need|needs]], a name, a personality, and a criminal record. Prisoners have many different hair-styles and skin-tones, as well as hidden traits which control how they will behave while in your prison.  All prisoners in one prisoner are either maleor female, there are no mixed prisons. Female prisoners sometimes have babies living with them in the facility.
== Risk Category ==
Choosing The Lobbyist as a [[warden]] halves the chance of prisoners coming to your prison being volatile, deadly or fighters. Choosing Rita as a warden halves the likelihood of them being stoical or fearless.
Female prisoners generally are less tough and strong than male ones, meaning that their chances to win a fight against a (male) guard will be lower.

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