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Game Updates

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Added updates 4-8
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| [[Version 1.8]]
| 27. Jul. 2016
| All good things most come to an end, and next month we wave bye bye to Prison Architect. We're working on the tablet (iPad and Android) version and we'll keep supporting the console version. We'll also carry on fixing bugs and ensuring future hardware compatibility, but it's time to stop actively updating it with new content and move on to new things.
For now we've launched the v2.0 features on a steam branch, so if you are willing to brave the bugs, you can dive in early and let us know what you think...
* ''[[Version 1.8|See full changelog here]]''
| [[Version 1.7]]
| 27. May. 2016
| The entire Temperature / Weather / Seasons / Hot water system is now optional on starting a new prison.
* ''[[Version 1.7|See full changelog here]]''
| [[Version 1.6]]
| 29. Apr. 2016
| Enjoy a new method to prioritise jobs and get to grips with thunderstorms and flooding!
* ''[[Version 1.6|See full changelog here]]''
| [[Version 1.5]]
| 24. Mar. 2016
| You spoke, we listened. After a month of tweaking, tuning, tightening and teasing we have managed to stuff even more frames into every unforgiving second. We've made significant performance gains so everyone should enjoy a smoother experience, but bear with us - we've got another month of speed updates to keep us busy over Easter.
Following our temperature work last month, Gary has updated the utilities mode to have a new hot water system and if you watch the vid we reveal all about Secret 3D Mode...
* ''[[Version 1.5|See full changelog here]]''
| [[Version 1.4]]
| 4. Mar. 2016
| Update 4 brings you the quick build menu as well as in-game filtering of the most popular steam prisons.
If that's not enough you can revel in our new thermodynamic simulation.
* ''[[Version 1.4|See full changelog here]]''

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