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The ability to change the Risk Category is available on the prisoner's rap-sheet.
Prisoners responsible for a serious injury will have their category automatically increased (min-sec to medium, medium to max-sec). Prisoners responsible for a murder will be charged and given an additional 25 -year sentence, and will automatically reclassify as Maximum Security (if they weren't already).
Risk categories Super Max and Protective Custody can only be assigned manually; they will neither arrive to your prison nor automatically set in case of some event. Risk category Death Row cannot be set manually; they will always have to arrive like this.
Once escorted, the prisoner will receive a new status called "Lockdown" or "Solitary" that will begin counting down in hours and minutes. All of this can be changed in the [[Policy]] screen. In short, the policy can change the length of time a prisoner must stay in lockdown before being allowed out of their cell again, and whether the prisoner goes to solitary or his cell depending on the type of misconduct.
You can assign discretionary punishments to prisoners via the rap sheet - up to 24 hours of Lockdown or 24 hours in Solitary. If researched by the [[Lawyer]], even permanent punishment can be applied. Prisoners will then be locked in their cell or solitary cell until the player cancels this this measure.
Prisoners [[suppression]] rises while on Cell Lockdown (+1 every half an hour) or in Solitary (1+ every quarter hour). Suppression is reduced by 1 per hour after being released from lockdown/solitary.
If the prisoner's remaining sentence reaches 0, he will be released from your prison.
The sentences use a time concept different from the usual game time. A one -year sentence equals 120 game hours (5 game days). Yay kids, that is at most only five more sleeps until Christmas!

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