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Updated Misconduct
** Found [[Tools]]
** Found [[Luxuries]]
* Complaint - Prisoner who had a comlaint over a need that hasn't been met for some time* Intoxication - prisoner Prisoner is high or drunk when searched (being caught intoxicated automatically refers the prisoner to the relevant [[Programs|Rehab program]], if it exists)
* Escape Attempt - A misconduct that will trigger if a prisoner spots a clear way out of the prison
* Destruction - Prisoners will start destroying objects if their needs haven't been met in a long time
* Injury to Attacked Prisoner - Prisoners may fight one another once agitated by unmet needs* Injury to Attacked Staff - Prisoners who encounter either unarmed have attacked staff or [[Guards may begin attacking them as well]] because their needs weren't met* Serious Injury - Prisoners who have brought a serious injury to a staff or prisoner* Murder - Prisoners who have killed a person, either being a staff or prisoner.
Low Security prisoners will be more patient in regards to their needs. High Security prisoners will often get angry quick if their needs aren't met.

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